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About ComSoc

The aim of this Emerging Technology Initiative (ETI) is to foster research and innovation surrounding the use of machine learning (ML) for the physical (PHY) and medium access control (MAC) layers for all types of communication systems, such as wireless, optical, satellite, and molecular. We provide a list of Best Readings in MLC for newcomers and organize conference workshops, tracks, sessions, industry symposia, tutorials, summer schools, data science competitions, as well as special issues in journals. We aim to establish common data sets and related benchmarks and invite authors to open-source their code for reproducible research. We maintain a blog where members can write articles, opinions, perspectives or present their research in an accessible way.

Chair | Carlo Fischione
Vice Chairs | Tim O’Shea, Yansha Deng, Marwa Chafii, ‪Melike Erol-Kantarci‬
Industry Liaison Officers | Hugo Tullberg, Yan Xin, Brad Stimpson, Carles Anton
Datasets & Competitions Officer | Maximilian Arnold, Shahid Adnan 
Workshops, Tutorials, & Symposia Officers | Slawomir Stanczak, Alexandropoulos George, Sudip Misra, E.S. Gopi, Yuanwei Liu, Nalin Jayakody, José Mairton Barros da Silva Júnior
Research Blog Officer | Carolina Fortuna
Optical Comms Liaison | Laurent Schmalen
Global Publicity Officer | Raed Shubair
Secretary | Henrik Hellström

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