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The aim of this Emerging Technology Initiative is to inspire and nurture research initiatives on the novel concept of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RISs). RISs are nearly passive surfaces of electromagnetic material that are electronically controlled with integrated electronics and equipped with unique wireless communication capabilities to enhance the classical communication channels within the novel concept of Smart Radio Environments. Such concept has been recently proposed for a variety of applications, ranging from secure communications, non-orthogonal multiple access, millimeter-wave and terahertz communications, vehicular/aerial communications, and over-the-air-computation to improving the energy efficiency and capacity of wireless networks.

This ETI will explore and support a wide variety of research directions and standardization opportunities that rely on RIS as groundbreaking technology that will have the potential of fundamentally changing how generic wireless networks are designed and optimized today and is expected to have a big impact on the future (6G and beyond) communication solutions’ design and implementation. Finally, the ETI will unify ongoing research efforts by providing the necessary platform for amalgamating current research activities in wireless communications, signal processing, computer science, electromagnetics, metamaterials, antennas and propagation.

Industrial Chair | Vincenzo Sciancalepore
Academic Chair | Ertugrul Basar
Vice Chairs | Alessio Zappone, Chau Yuen
Secretary | Alexis Aravanis, CentraleSupelec, France
Workshops and Symposia Officers | Kezhi Wang, Cunhua Pan, Miaowen Wen, Qingqing Wu
Special Issues and Publications Officers | Yansha Deng, Octavia Dobre, Huseyin Arslan
Tutorials and Invited Presentations Officers | Rui Zhang, Yuanwei Liu, Tommaso Melodia
Standardization Officers | Richie Leo
Testbeds, Devices and Proof-of-Concepts Officers | Jin Shi, Linglong Dai, Dinesh Bharadia
Industry Liaison Officers | Merouane Debbah, Dinh-Thuy Phan-Huy, Yifei Yuan
Electromagnetics and Metamaterials Liaison Officers | Andrea Alu, Sergei Tretyakov, Geoffroy Lerosey, Vittorio Degli Esposti
Online Content Officers | George Alexandropolous, Ana Garcia Armada
TC Liaison | Stefano Galli
ETC Liaison | Marco Di Renzo

Visit the Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces Emerging Technology Initiative website.

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