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About ComSoc

The Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Technical Sub-committee will focus on exploring next generation networking technologies enabling software defined service delivery, network virtualization, network function virtualization, and the enablement of mobility. The subcommittee will analyze and drive integration around the touch points with all the other major IT inflexion points such as next generation IP, compute and storage virtualization, cloud, mobility and the next generation applications. The key challenge to be addressed is to support multivendor networks in a software defined infrastructure that meets the demands of the next generation IT environments.

Topics addressed by the subcommittee will include network architecture, protocols and implementations that fully leverage the SDN/NFV concepts, strengths and weakness of current standards such as OpenFlow, alignment with cloud standards and IPv6 concepts, security considerations of SDN/NFV, innovative architectures, operations and service assurance in SDN/NFV-enabled environments; and education to develop the engineering talent needed to design, deploy and operate SDN/NFV environments. This committee will harmonize its work with the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), IEEE and non-IEEE organizations from academia and industry including the academic research community, SDN/NFV and next-generation infrastructure projects, and standardization bodies.

Chair Ciprian Popoviciu
Vice Chairs | Adam Johnson | Dan Torbet | Latif Ladid | Zoltán Lajos Kis | Yanick Pouffary
Secretary | Jeffry Handal

Visit the Software Defined Networking & Network Function Virtualization Emerging Technologies Initiative website.