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About ComSoc

The Communications History Committee solicits articles on Communication History for our magazines, organizes communications history sessions at conferences, and commemorates significant anniversaries of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc). In 2012, the 60th anniversary of our Society, the Committee organized the updating, expansion and re-issue of the History of Communications book published for our 50th anniversary in 2002, and the production of a 25-minute recollections video in which many past Presidents of IEEE ComSoc look back on their experiences in the communications field and in IEEE ComSoc.

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Committee Roster

Chair | Doug Zuckerman (2024-2025)
Vice Chair | Kit August (2023-2025)

Voting Members

2024-2025 | Douglas Zuckerman (Chair)
2024-2025 | Stephen Weinstein
2024-2025 | Kit August (Vice Chair)

Non-Voting Members

2024 | Scott Atkinson, Celia Desmond, Rose Hu, Dave Michelson, Mathini Sellathurai, Curtis Siller, Martha Steenstrup, Antonia Tulino, Mehmet Ulema

Staff | Cynthia Sikora

Visit the Communications History Standing Committee website.

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