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List of Communications History Articles featured in IEEE Communications Magazine

"A History of Computer Networking and the Internet in Korea", K. Chon, H.J. Park, J.H. Hur, and K. Kang, February 2013

"The History of Telnet and the Commercialization of Packet Switching in the U.S.", S. Mathison, L.G, Roberts, and P.M. Walker, May 2012

"History of Equalization 1860-1980", D. Falconer, October 2011

"Lighting Up Copper", J.M Cioffi, May 2011

"Early T-Carrier History", F.T. Andrews, April 2011

"X.25 Virtual Circuits-Transpac in France- Pre-Internet Data Networking", R. Depres, November 2010

"Significant Contribution to the Development of Wireless Communication by Professor Alexander Popov", O. Vendik, October 2010

"Creating Cellular: A History of the AMPS Project (1971-1983)", R.H. Frenkiel, September 2010

"An Early History of the Internet", L. Kleinrock, August 2010

"The Emergence of Commercial Digital Satellite Communications", J.G. Puente, July 2010

"Improving the Noise Performance of Communication Systems: 1930s to Early 1940s", M. Schwartz, May 2010

"The Start of Commercial Satellite Communications", J. Pelton, March 2010

"Two Controversies in the Early History of the Telegraph", D. Hochfelder, February 2010

"The Emergence of the Compact Disc", H. B. Peek, January 2010

"Improving the Noise Performance of Communication Systems: Radio and Telephone Developments of the 1920s", M. Schwartz, December 2009

"The AlohaNet-Surfing for Wireless Data", N. Abramson, December 2009

"Commercialization of Packet Switching (1975-1985): A Canadian Perspective", T. Rybczynsk, December 2009

"The History of OFDM", S. Weinstein, November 2009

"Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kotelnikov: Pioneer of the Sampling Theorem, Crytography, Optimal Detection, Planetary Mapping...", C. Bissell, October 2009

"Edouard Branly, the Coherer, and the Branly Effect", J.-M. Dilhac, September 2009

"Retrospective – 25 Years Later", I. Dorros, June 2009

"Armstrong's Invention of Noise-Suppressing FM", M. Schwartz, April 2009

"The Early History of Packet Switching in the UK", P. Kirstein, February 2009

"Carrier-Wave Telephony Over Power Lines: Early History", M. Schwartz, January 2009

"Dr. Hiroshi Inose's Pioneering Contributions to Digital Switching Systems and His Outstanding Leadership in Informatics", M. Sakauchi and S. Yamada, December 2008

"A History of Transatlantic Cables", J. Hayes, September 2008

"Telecommunication Memories: 75, 50 and 25 Years Ago", J. Hayes, August 2008

"The Early History of Cellular Telephone", J. Engel, August 2008

"The Origins of Carrier Multiplexing: Major George Owen Squier and AT&T", M. Schwartz, May 2008