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About ComSoc

This Standing Committee is responsible for the successful conduct, strategic evolution, and policies of the IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) and the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC). ICC and GLOBECOM are ComSoc portfolio technical conferences (fully owned) held annually and covering telecommunications research, technology and applications.

Committee Roster

Chair - Rolland Vida

Voting Members

GIMS Chair 2020-2021 | Rolland Vida
GITC Chair 2020-2021* | Matthew Valenti
Member-at-Large, GIMS Vice-Chair & Patronage Chair, 2020-2022* | Neeli Prasad
Member-at-Large & Operations Mgr, 2020-2021 | Raed Abdullah
Member-at-Large & Site Selection Chair, 2021-2023 | Rose Qingyang Hu
Past OC Member & Finance Chair, 2019-2021 | Luis M. Correia
Past OC Member & DM Chair, 2020-2022 | Deep Medhi
Past OC Member & IF&E Chair, 2021-2023* | Hafizal Mohamad

Non-Voting Members

VP, Conferences, 2020-21 | Stefano Bregni 
ComSoc Staff, Conferences Director | Kristine Chin
ComSoc Staff, Senior Conference Planners | Melissa Torres and Jimmy Le
ComSoc Staff, Finance and Business Operations Director | Bruce Worthman

* second term

Visit the GLOBECOM/ICC Management & Strategy (GIMS) Standing Committee website.