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About ComSoc

This Committee is responsible for preparing a long-term strategic plan to guide the direction and future of the Society and for preparing short-term plans to direct specific areas, as appropriate.

Committee Roster

Chair | Gerhard P. Fettweis

Voting Members

Members at Large (2019-2020)
Michele Zorzi
Loukas Paraschis
Ed Tiedemann
Gangxiang (Steven) Shen

Members at Large (2020-2021)
Meryem Simsek, Young Professional
Zhisheng Niu
Philippa Martin
Petar Popovski
Wendi Heinzelmann

Vice Presidents | Stefano Bregni, Nei Kato, Robert Schober, Xuemin (Sherman) Shen

Non-Voting Members

President | Vincent Chan
Past President | Khaled Letaief
Division III Director | Sergio Benedetto