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About ComSoc

This Committee is responsible for the oversight and management of ComSoc’s involvement in external initiatives, i.e. those originated from IEEE-level or multi-Society initiatives (e.g., Multi-Society Technical Groups, IEEE Technical Communities, IEEE TAB Future Directions Committee, IEEE New Initiatives Committee, and all IEEE OUs). The Committee shall ensure that ComSoc’s involvement is timely, relevant, within ComSoc’s field of interest, cost Effective, and compatible with the evolution of ComSoc and IEEE. The Committee shall recommend to the BoG when to terminate existing initiatives, revise existing initiative MoUs, and join/launch new initiatives.

The Committee shall also monitor ComSoc’s internal initiatives, identifying gaps and opportunities, and recommending to Councils and the BoG (a) improvements of existing initiatives and (b) new initiative projects and programs consistent with ComSoc’s vision, mission, and Strategic Plan.”

Committee Roster

Chair | Heiner Stuttgen (2022-2023)


Luis Correia, Member-at-Large (2020-2022)
Sumei Sun, Member-at-Large (2021-2023)
Paul Hartmann, Member-at-Large (2022-2024)
Roberto de Marca, Vice Chair/Past Chair (2022-2023)
Wei Zhang, VP-TEA (ex-officio)
Gerhard Fettweis, Chair of Strategic Planning (ex-officio)
Zhisheng Niu, Chair of Emerging Technologies Chair (ex-officio)
Heiner Stuettgen, Chair of IoT Initiative Activities Board (ex-officio to be replaced in May 2022)

Staff | Karen Pannullo

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