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About ComSoc

This Committee is responsible for encouraging Young Professionals (as defined by IEEE) to become Communications Society members and to participate in its activities. It will do this through developing programs and initiatives attractive to Young Professionals, empowering them to make valuable contributions to the Society and entire IEEE organization, giving them a voice in Society direction, and by preparing them for future leadership roles.

Committee Roster

Chair | Periklis Chatzimisios (2022-2023)

Voting Members (2022-2023)

Member-at-Large | Virginia Pilloni
Member-at-Large | Manali Sharma
Member-at-Large | Michele Polese
Member-at-Large | Manuel Jose Lopez Morales
Member-at-Large | Haitham Afifi
Non-YP Member-at-Large | Not finalized yet

Non-Voting Members (2022-2023)

YP Advisor | Shashank Gaur
YP Events Coordinator | Marco Giordani
WICE Liaisons | Joyce Mwangama, Anupma Thakur
Past Chairs | Shashank Gaur (2020-2021), Nury Ramirez (2018-2019), Lola Awoniyi-Oteri (2017-2018)

Visit the Young Professionals Standing Committee website.

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