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About ComSoc

The objective of this committee is to sponsor publications, conference technical sessions, workshops and topical meetings and discussions in the theory and applications of information switching. Specific areas include, but are not limited to theory, architecture, traffic, performance, signaling protocol and networks, call and mobility control, services and features, planning, economic factors and management of switching systems.

Chair | Jian Tang
Vice-Chair | Lotfi Mhamdi
Secretary | Cheng Li
TC CSR Award and Sponsorship Events Chair | Abdelhamid Mellouk
HPSR Chair | Abbas Jamalipour
Comsoc Student Competition Officer | Roberto Rojas-Cessa
Standardization Committee Liaison Officer | Henry Suthon | Nirmala Shenoy
Newsletter Officer | Lotfi Mhamdi
SIG Officer | Scott Fowler

Visit the Communications Switching & Routing Technical Committee website.

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