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About ComSoc

This committee examines systems, applications, services and techniques in which two or more media are used in the same session. These media include, but are not restricted to, voice, video, image, music, data, and executable code. The scope of the committee includes conversational, presentational, and transactional applications and the underlying networking systems to support them.

Chair | Honggang Wang
Steering Committee Chair | Sanjeev Mehrotra
Vice Chair (America) | Pradeep K. Atrey
Vice Chair (Asia) | Wanqing Li
Vice Chair (Europe) | Lingfen Sun
Vice Chair (Letters & Member Communications) | Jun Wu
Secretary | Shaoen Wu
Standard Liaison | Guosen Yue
Student Competition Program | Andrea Sciarrone

Staff | Harold Tepper

Visit the Multimedia Communications Technical Committee website.

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