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Edwin Howard Armstrong Achievement Award 2006 - Larry J. Greenstein

"For exceptional contributions to modeling of wireless channels, definition and analysis of broadband wireless systems, and research management and mentoring"

Larry Greenstein received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1967. From 1958 to 1970 he worked at IIT Research Institute on radio frequency interference and anti-clutter airborne radar. He joined Bell Laboratories in 1970 and, over a 32-year AT&T career, conducted and led research in digital satellites, point-to-point radio, fiber optic transmission, and wireless communications. He is now a research scientist at WINLAB, Rutgers University.

He is an IEEE Fellow, an AT&T Fellow, and a Member-at-Large on the IEEE Communications Society Board of Governors. He has won three best paper awards, and has been a Guest Editor, Senior Editor, and Editorial Board Member for numerous publications.