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Fred W. Ellersick Prize

Plaque and honorarium up to $500 for each author (total awards not to exceed $1000).

Publication of an original paper in any Communications Society magazine in the previous 3 calendar years; author need not be an IEEE member.

Nominee Solicitation
Nominations solicited by the Chair of Magazines Paper Awards Selection Committee in consultation with Magazines Editors-in-Chief.

Selection Process
Nominations screened and short list prepared by the Magazines Paper Awards Selection Committee with the approval of the Magazines Editors-in-Chief. The short list is submitted to the Communications Society Awards Committee for final selection.

Annually (as soon as possible after recommendation). Award may not be given if a paper of high quality is not uncovered.

(formerly the Communications Society Magazine Prize Paper Award; renamed in 1992)



Shuangfeng Han
Chih-Lin I
Zhikun Xu
Rowell Corbett

“Large-Scale Antenna Systems with Hybrid Analog and Digital Beamforming for Millimeter Wave 5G”, IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 52, Issue 1, Page 186-194, January 2015.


Xiaofei Wang
Min Chen
Tarik Taleb
Adlen Ksentini
Victor C.M. Leung

“Cache in the Air: Exploiting Content Caching and Delivery Techniques for 5G Systems”, IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 52, Issue 2, Page 131-139, February 2014.


Federico Boccardi
Robert W. Heath Jr.
Angel Lozano
Thomas L. Marzetta
Petar Popovski

“Five disruptive technology directions for 5G”, IEEE Communications Magazine, Volume 52, Issue 2, pp. 74 – 80, February 2014.


Mehdi Bennis
Meryem Simsek
Andreas Czylwik
Walid Saad
Stefan Valentin
Merouane Debbah

“When Cellular Meets WiFi in Wireless Small Cell Networks”, IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol.51, No. 6, June 2013, pp.44 - 50.


Gunther Auer
Vito Giannini
Claude Desset
Istvan Godor
Per Skillermark
Magnus Olsson
Muhammad Ali Imran
Dario Sabella
Manuel J. Gonzalez
Oliver Blume
Albrecht Fehske

“How much energy is needed to run a wireless network,” IEEE Wireless Communications,Vol.18, No. 5, October 2011, pp. 40-49.


Markus Fiedler
Tobias Hossfeld
Phuoc Tran-Gia

"A Generic Quantitative Relationship between Quality of Experience and Quality of Service," IEEE Network, Vol. 24, No. 2, March/April 2010, pp.36-41.


Moe Z. Win
Andrea Conti
Santiago Mazuelas
Yuan Shen
Wesley M. Gifford
Davide Dardari
Marco Chiani

"Network Localization and Navigation Via cooperation," IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 49, No.5, May 2011, pp. 56-62.


Dusit Niyato
Ekram Hossain
Zhu Han

"Dynamic Spectrum Access in IEEE 802.22-Based Cognitive Wireless Networks: A Game Theoretic Model for Competitive Spectrum Bidding and Pricing," IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, Vol. 16, No 2, pp 16-23, April 2009


Irwin Dorros

"Retrospective  — 25 Years Later", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol 47, No 6, pp 14-20, June 2009


Omer Ileri
Narayan B. Mandayam

"Dynamic Spectrum Access Models: Toward an Engineering Perspective in the Spectrum Debate", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 46, No. 1, pp. 153-160, January 2008


Reaz Ahmed
Noura Limam
Jin Xiao
Youssef Iraqi
Raouf Boutaba

"Resource and Service Discovery in Large-Scale Multi-Domain Networks", IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 1 – 30, October 2007


Arvind Giridhar
P. R. Kumar

"Toward a Theory of In-Network Computation in Wireless Sensor Networks", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 44, No. 4, pp. 98-107, April 2006


Mohammed Atiquzzaman
Shaojian Fu
William Ivancic

"Evaluation of SCTP for Space Networks", IEEE Wireless Communications, Vol. 12, No. 5, pp. 54 - 62, October 2005


Simon Haykin
Mathini Sellathurai
Yvo de Jong
Tricia Willink

"Turbo-MIMO for Wireless Communications", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 42, No. 10, pp.48-53, October 2004


Debanjan Saha
Bala Rajagopalan
Greg Bernstein

"The Optical Network Control Plane: State of the Standards and Deployment", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 41, No. 8, IEEE Optical Communications Design, Technologies, and Applications, Vol. 1 No 3, pp. S29-S34, August 2003


W. David Sincoskie

"Broadband Packet Switching: A Personal Perspective", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 40, No. 7, pp. 54-66, July 2002


Per Johansson
Manthos Kazantzidis
Rohit Kapoor
Mario Gerla

"Bluetooth: an Enabler for Personal Area Networking", IEEE Network Magazine, Sept/Oct 2001, pp. 28-37


Cyriel Minkenberg
Ton Engbersen

“A Combined Input and Output Queued Packet-Switched System Based on PRIZMA Switch- on- a- Chip Technology”, IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 38, No. 12, pp. 70 –77, December 2000


Mark E. Perkins
Charles A. Dvorak
Barry H. Lerich
Joseph A. Zebarth

"Speech Transmission Performance Planning in Hybrid IP/SCN Networks", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 37, No. 7, July 1999, pp. 126-131


Vijay P. Kumar
T.V. Lakshman
Dimitrios Stiliadis

"Beyond Best Effort: Router Architectures for the Differentiated Services of Tomorrow's Internet", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol 36, No 5, May 1998, pp. 152-164


Kevin Thompson
Gregory Miller
Rick Wilder

"Wide-Area Internet Traffic Patterns and Characteristics", IEEE Network, Nov/Dec 1997


T. M. Chen
S. S. Liu
V. K. Samalam

"The Available Bit Rate Service for Data in ATM Networks", IEEE Communications Magazine, May 1996, Vol. 34, No. 5, pp. 56-71


J.C. Bellamy

"Digital Network Synchronization", IEEE Communications Magazine, April 1995


Anthony S. Acampora

"The Scalable Lightwave Network", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 32, No 12, December 1994


Jack H. Winters
Richard D. Gitlin
Sanjay Kasturia

"Reducing Effects of Transmission Impairments in Digital Fiber Optic Systems", IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol 31, No 6, June 1993