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Exemplary Global Service Award 2009 - Tomonori Aoyama

"For fostering and encouraging successful partnerships between ComSoc and its Sister Societies globally."

Tomonori Aoyama received the B.E., M.E. and Dr. Eng. from the University of Tokyo, Japan, in 1967, 1969 and 1991, respectively. He joined NTT Public Corporation in 1969, carrying out research and development on communication networks and systems in the Electrical Communication Laboratories. From 1973 to 1974, he was a visiting scientist at MIT.

During his career with ECL, he was engaged in R&D on communication technologies including digital signal processing for communication systems, speech coding, Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN), digital cross connect systems, Super High Definition (SHD) image systems, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) systems, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) systems, B-ISDN, and optical fiber transmission systems.

In 1994, he was appointed Director of NTT Opto-Electronics Laboratories, and in 1995 he became Director of NTT Optical Network Systems Laboratories. In 1997 he left NTT and joined the University of Tokyo as Professor in the Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.

In 2006, he moved to Keio University, and is currently Professor of Research Institute for Digital Media and Content, Keio University. At the same time, he serves as Program Coordinator in National Institute for Information and Communications Technology (NICT).

His recent research activities cover the new generation networking technologies from layer 1 (e.g. photonic network) to higher layers including ubiquitous networking, sensor networking, 4K super high definition image and digital cinema technologies.

Dr. Aoyama is a member of IEICE (Japan) and IPSJ and IEEE (Fellow). He served as Director, General Affairs of IEICE. He was a Member-at-Large of the IEEE ComSoc Board of Governors and Director of Sister Societies. He also chaired the IEEE ComSoc Japan Chapter. Dr. Aoyama served as general co-chair, technical program co-chair, and session organizer/chairman of several international conferences, symposiums and workshops. He is one of the co-founders of APCC (Asia-Pacific Communication Conference) and ISPACS (International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing and Communication Systems).  He was guest editor of several special issues of magazines and transactions of IEEE J-SAC, IEICE and IPSJ.  He is co-author of numerous books on signal processing, ATM, image processing, and optical communications.

He is currently serving as President of IEICE. He promoted sister society relations between IEEE-CS (Communications Society) and both IEEE ComSoc and the Korea Information and Communications Society.  He serves as Chair of the Photonic Internet Forum in Japan, NPO Digital Cinema Consortium of Japan, Global Inter-Cloud Technology Forum, and Vice-chair of the Ubiquitous Networking Forum and the New Generation Network Promotion Forum.