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Distinguished Industry Leader Award 2002 - John T. Chambers

"For his contribution to and leadership of the Telecommunications Industry."

John Chambers is president and CEO of Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader of networking for the Internet. Since January 1995, when he assumed this position.

Chambers has grown the company from $1.2 billion in annual revenues to its current run-rate of approximately $18.9 billion. In the last year alone, Cisco saved more than $1.9 billion due to productivity increases from Internet business solutions, and gained more market share than all of its competitors combined.

Chambers has been lauded by government leaders and countless publications worldwide for his visionary strategy, his ability to drive an entrepreneurial culture, and his warm-hearted, straight-talking approach. Widely recognized for his evangelistic style, Chambers is considered one of the most innovative and dynamic leaders in global business today.

In March 2002, the National Investor Relations Institute, in conjunction with Barrons and Investor Relations magazines, recognized Chambers with their prestigious “Best Investor Relations by a CEO” award. IR Magazine said of Chambers: “John is not only the operator to fix this company, he is the best conveyor of the challenges the company has faced and the opportunity it faces now.” The Sunday Times, U.K., rated Cisco the number 7 best place to work. In February 2002, Fortune magazine rated Cisco in the top 15 best places to work and the second most admired network communications company in America. In January 2002 Cisco was voted the number one best employer to work for in Australia. Network World recently rated Cisco as one of the “10 most powerful companies in networking.”

In April 2002, John was awarded the “Spirit of Achievement Award” by the National Center for Learning Disabilities. He also received the Outstanding Achiever’s Award from the Lab School of Washington in November 2001. In June of last year, Chambers was presented with the American Society for Training and Development award for Champion of Workplace Learning and Performance. Chambers was given the award for his advocacy, commitment, and actions that affirm the value of workplace learning and performance.

In December 2000, Chambers was selected to serve on President George W. Bush’s transition team as a member of his Education Committee. In this role, he shared his expertise with the new administration and provided guidance on a broad range of policy matters related to Education. In November 2000, Upside Magazine ranked John Chambers as number six on the list of high-tech’s top 100 high rollers for 1999.

Chambers joined Cisco in 1991 as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Operations. Prior to joining Cisco, Chambers spent eight years at Wang Laboratories and six years with IBM. Chambers holds a law degree and Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts degree in business from West Virginia University. He later received a Masters of Business Administration degree in finance and management from Indiana University. He is married and has two adult children.