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Distinguished Industry Leader Award 2003 - Jorma Ollila

"For his contribution to and leadership of the Wireless Communications Industry."

Mr Jorma Jaakko Ollila was born on August 15, 1950 in Seinajoki, Finland. He is married to Liisa Annikki (née Metsola) and they have three children (Jaakko, Anna and Matti). He earned a Master of Political Science degree in 1976 from the University of Helsinki, a Master of Science (Econ.) degree in 1978 from the London School of Economics, and a Master of Science (Eng.) degree in 1981 from the Helsinki University of Technology. In 1995 the University of Helsinki awarded Jorma Ollila a Ph.D. (Pol.Sc.) h.c. degree and in 1998 the Helsinki University of Technology awarded him a D.Sc. (Tech.) h.c. degree.
Languages Finnish, English, Swedish

1999- Nokia, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Group Executive Board

Positions held

1992-99 Nokia, President and Chief Executive Officer
1990-92 Nokia Mobile Phones, President
1989-90 Nokia, Deputy Member of the Board of Directors
1986-89 Nokia, Senior Vice President, Finance
1985-86 Nokia, Vice President, International Operations
1983-85 Citibank Oy, Member of the Board of Management
1980-82 Citibank Oy, Account Officer
1978-80 Citibank N.A., London, Account Manager, Corporate Bank

Board Memberships of Companies

Nokia, Member of the Group Executive Board 1986 -
Tietotehdas Oy, Member of the Supervisory Board 1992-95
ICL plc, Member of the Board 1992-2000
Pohjola Insurance Company Ltd, Member of the Supervisory Board 1992-1997
NKF Holding N.V., Member of the Supervisory Board 1992-99
Oy Rastor Ab, Member of the Supervisory Board 1992-93
MTV Oy (Finnish Commercial Television), Chairman of the Board 1993-97
Sampo Insurance Company Ltd, Member of the Supervisory Board 1993-2000
Pension-Varma Mutual Insurance Company, Member of the Supervisory Board 1993-98
Merita Bank Ltd., former Union Bank of Finland Ltd, Member of the Supervisory Board 1994-2000
Nokia Corporation, Member of the Board 1995-
Otava Books and Magazines Group Ltd,Member of the Board 1996-
UPM-Kymmene, Member of the Board 1997-
Ford Motor Company, Member of the Board of Directors 2000-

Other Memberships

National Union of Finnish Students (SYL), Chairman 1973-74
Reserve Officers' School (RUK 162), Student Body, Chairman 1979-80
Planning Board for Defence Economy, Member 1992-96
Ministry of Trade and Industry, Technology Delegation, Member 1992-95
Confederation of Finnish Industry and Employers (TT), Member of the Board and Executive Committee 1992-2002, Deputy Chairman of the Board 1995-2002
State Technical Research Centre, Member of the Council
Economic Information Bureau, Member of the Board, 1993-97
Centre for Finnish Business and Policy Studies EVA, Member of the Council 1993-2001
International Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Section 1993-97
Foundation for Pediatric Research, Member of Supervisory Board 1993-98
The Finnish Foreign Trade Association, Chairman of the Supervisory Board 1993-98
Science and Technology Policy Council of Finland, Member 1993-28.2.2002
The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy ETLA, Member of the Council of Supervisors 1993-2000
Savonlinna Opera Festival Promotional Association, Ch. of the Delegation 1993-2002
Helsinki University of Technology, Vice Ch. of the Advisory Committee 1993-1995, Chairman 1996-
Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Member of the Council 1993-98
The Association for the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Member of the Executive Board 1993-99
Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Member of Delegation 1993-
The American-Scandinavian Foundation, Overseas Advisory Trustee 1994-
WWF Finland, Member of the Supervisory Board 1995-1997
Harvard University, John F Kennedy School of Government, Dean's Council, Member 1995-
European Commission, Member of the Competitiveness Advisory Group 1995-96
United World Colleges, Member of the International Board 1995-
Member of the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) 1997-
Member of the GBDe Business Steering Committee 1999-

Badges of Honor

Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (1997)
Commander, 1st Class of the Order of the White Rose of Finland (1996)
Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, Officer's Cross (1996)
Order of White Star, Estonia (1995)
Commander of the Order of Orange-Nassau (1995)
Beijing Honorary Citizenship (2002), China