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Distinguished Industry Leader Award 2012 - Janusz Filipiak

"For his contribution and leadership in the development and growth of the communication industry and information technologies."

Janusz Filipiak was born on the 3rd of August 1952 in Bydgoszcz, Poland, where he attended primary and secondary school.

In 1971 Janusz Filipiak entered the AGH Technical University in Krakow from which he graduated as the Master of Electrical Engineering in 1976. He was recognized as the Best University Graduate.

In 1979 Janusz Filipiak received with distinction his PhD degree. In 1984 he presented his habilitation thesis. Both at the AGH Cracow University of Technology.

Since 1976 Janusz Filipiak worked in the field of advanced technologies conducting research on modeling and design of modern communication networks.

In 1984 till 1985 he was invited to work as a young researcher in the Centre National des Etudes de Telecommunications, the research centre of France Telecom in Paris.

In 1986 he was invited to become a member of the Applied Mathematics Department at the Adelaide University in Australia. He moved to Australia with his wife and children. They lived there till 1989, when after the political transition in the Easter Europe they decided to come back to Poland. At the end of his stay at the Adelaide University Janusz Filipiak served as a Deputy Director of the Teletraffic Research Centre.

In the beginning of the 90’ Janusz Filipiak also worked for shorter periods in research laboratories in the USA and Canada, including INRS laboratories at the Quebec University in Montreal.

Professor Filipiak has written more than one hundred papers on modeling and design of communication networks published mainly in the United States in scientific journals including the IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Operations Research, and other journals renowned worldwide.

Janusz Filipiak published six books, including Modelling and Control of Dynamic Flows in Communications Networks, Springer-Verlag 1988, Real Time Network Management, North Holland 1991. He was also editor of Telecommunication Services for Developing Economies, Elsevier 1991.

In 1991, after coming back to Poland, Janusz Filipiak was nominated the full professor by Lech Walesa, the President of Poland.

Since 1993 till 1998 Janusz Filipiak was a Head of Telecommunication Department at the AGH Cracow University of Technology.

In 1993 Janusz Filipiak founded Comarch. Comarch was incepted as a start-up and is now a global corporation with subsidiaries in America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. After twenty years of permanent growth the company employs 4000 professionals to deliver innovative IT systems to several market segments, including telecommunication, banking, finance, insurance, and medium and small enterprises. Comarch global customers include BP, Credit Suisse, Vodafone, Nokia, T-Mobile, and many other.

In 1998 Janusz Filipiak resigned from the University and continued to serve in full capacity as the Comarch Chief Executive Officer.

In 1999 Comarch had its Initial Public Offering at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, at which the company is registered for the last thriteen years.

In 1977 Janusz Filipiak was married to Elżbieta Filipiak, maiden name Staszak.

Janusz and Elżbieta Filipiak have three children, Anna Berenika Pruska (born in 1978, married to Michal Pruski in 2008), Janusz Jeremiasz Filipiak (born in 1982, married to Paulina Janik in 2009), and Maria Klementyna Filipiak (born in 1996).

As a honorary service to Krakow community Janusz Filipiak is a President of the sport club Cracovia, which participates in professional leagues in football and ice hockey. Cracovia was established in 1906 and is the oldest Polish sports organization.