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Distinguished Lecturers FAQ

  1. Where do I get the DLT/DSP application?
  2. How do I contact the Distinguished Lecturers?
  1. Who do I send the DLT/DSP application to?
    • Please send to the DLT/DSP Coordinator for the region you are requesting a tour with in addition to the Director of that region. You can find the information for the directors on the website below and you can click on the region you are applying for and the names & emails are listed there. Please also copy Carol Cronin ( on the email.
    • How does the approval process work:
      Once the DLT/DSP coordinator and the Director of that region approves the tour it gets sent to our Director of Membership Services for final approval. Once it has been approved you will receive an approval email letter from Carol Cronin. Please note that it takes time for an approval so a two-month “lead time” is recommended to allow time to obtain visas if necessary, time to advertise, etc. and get a decent price for the airline ticket.
  2. Where do I find information on DLT/DSP's?