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Published: 6 Mar 2024

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Each year, the TryEngineering group within IEEE administers the STEM Portal Grant Program to facilitate the delivery of STEM outreach activities around the globe. This financial support to IEEE volunteers enables them to develop new STEM programs or enhance (or maintain) existing programs. These grant funded activities engage younger students throughout the world in educational activities helping them to learn more about STEM. 

In 2024, IEEE ComSoc is proud to again provide significant funding to support these grant activities. This year, TryEngineering selected a total of 53 grant programs to be supported in the following categories:

  • Inspire Level (Each awarded US$1,001 to US$2,000) – 20 programs awarded totaling US$37,030
  • Share Level (Each awarded US$501 to US$1,000) – 17 programs awarded totaling US$15,669
  • Introductory Level (Each awarded up to US$500) – 16 programs awarded totaling US$7,599 
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To further our mission, ComSoc funds have been allocated to support the following 8 grant activities:

Inspire Level (US$1,001 to US$2,000)

  • Avengers of Innovation: Empowering Girls in IoT and 5G Universe – US$1,685 – IEEE Malaysia ComSoc/VTS Joint Chapter – Region 10 – Funded by IEEE ComSoc

Share Level (US$501 to US$1,000)

  • Arduino Adventures: Inspiring Future Engineers – US$845 – IEEE SB PRC – Region 10 – Funded by IEEE ComSoc
  • Hands on IoT Training: Exposing Rural Students to Opportunities in STEM – US$940 – IEEE KU SB Student Branch – Region 10 – Funded by IEEE ComSoc
  • Inspiring Futures – Girls’ STEM Exploration Workshop – US$600 – IEEE Student Branch LBS College of Engineering-Kasaragod – Region 10 – Funded by IEEE ComSoc
  • Inter-Generation-Connection for STEM Frontiers: PhD Students and High School Students Mentorship Program – US$800 – The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – Region 10 – Funded by IEEE ComSoc

Introductory Level (Up to US$500 each)

  • Cyber Safety Awareness Through Community-based Empowerment in High-School of Jakarta, Indonesia – US$498 – IEEE Indonesia Section – Region 10 – Funded by IEEE ComSoc
  • IEEE Indonesia STEM Teacher Workshop: Empowering Educators for Future Innovators – US$500 – IEEE Student Branch Nusa Putra University – Region 10 – Funded by IEEE ComSoc
  • Spark it Up: Circuits 101 – US$500 – IEEE SCET (Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology, Student Branch) – Region 10 – Funded by IEEE ComSoc

Congratulations to this year’s grant recipients!  We look forward to hearing more about the successes of your programs and publishing results for other ComSoc members to learn from and enhance in the future!

View more information about ComSoc Pre-University STEM Education.