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Published: 19 Sep 2022

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The IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) Educational Services Board (ESB), Women in Communications Engineering Committee (WICE), and the TryEngineering Program of IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) are looking for projects created by ComSoc Members that are designed to use a communication technologies topic to engage Pre-University students in various age groups.

Pre-University STEM Hands-On Activity Contest 2022 banner

The technology-based society and economy of the future requires all students to become informed decision-makers and practitioners who are able to apply and in some cases master STEM knowledge. This idea is not new and there are likely thousands of existing activities for Pre-University level students. So why have this contest? In short, we are looking for innovation, new and fresh ideas — in concepts, materials and methods. So be creative. Refinement and improvement after the contest is expected.

The contest is open to any IEEE ComSoc Members and you can participate as an individual or on a team. Contest participants can select any topic related to communication concepts and technologies that are targeted for children of three different age ranges.  There are 6 prizes available for the best two submissions in each of the three age ranges. Instructions on how to complete the activity and the necessary resources/materials must be included in your submission.  Submissions with activities that use low or no-cost materials and that include a video of the hands-on activity in action are highly desirable.

For more details and how to enter visit the contest web page.  Contest entries are due by 7 October 2022.