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Published: 19 Nov 2021

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The IEEE Communications Magazine (ComMag) is soliciting creative Feature Topic (FT) proposals to complement its Series and Open Call publication tracks. A Feature topic (FT) is a group of papers focusing on a timely narrow-scope topic of interest to the readership of the magazine. They must not duplicate other publication tracks and must offer opportunities for manuscript streams not traditionally submitted to Series and Open Calls.

Potential Guest Editors (GEs) interested in organizing an FT can submit a proposal to the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of the IEEE Communications Magazine. Proposers must read and fully understand the IEEE Communications Magazine guidelines for authors, reviewers, and editors, and must pay special attention the Policy for Proposing and Organizing a Feature Topic. Proposals not taking all the magazine guidelines into full consideration cannot be accepted. It is highly recommended that the lead GE communicate his topic, plan, proposed GE list to ComMag (EiC or AEiC) to discuss them before taking the time to prepare a complete proposal and/or finalizing a committed list of GEs for this matter.

We are interested in all topics within the magazine scope and as described in the above mentioned guidelines. The preferred topics however change over time. Current topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The evolution toward 6G
  • Networking for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality
  • Personal and indoor communications and/or home networking
  • Communications for data centers
  • Communications and networks for pandemic and crisis times
  • Satellite and space communications
  • Under-water communications
  • Powerline communications
  • Quantum communications
  • Blockchain in communications and networking
  • Security and cryptography
  • Community networks
  • e-Health, e-business, and e-work
  • Technology-enabled education systems
  • Sustainable communication and networks
  • Communication technologies to mitigate climate change
  • Smart agriculture
  • Smart fishery
  • Smart transportation system
  • Smart cities
  • Communication systems for robotics
  • Internet neutrality and regulation
  • Telecommunications business, economy, policies, and strategy
  • Telco IT
  • Telco big data
  • Mobile money