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Hanan Potash

Our deepest sympathy from the Austin IEEE Communications Society Chapter and Central Texas Section family on the passing of our dear friend Dr. Hanan Potash.

We’d like to share our gratitude to Hanan’s family and community for Hanan’s outstanding services and sacrifices in chairing, building and strengthening IEEE Communications Chapter in Austin during the period 2006-2011. The Austin chapter goes back in history starting in 1997 led by T. Scott Atkinson.

I had the honor and the privilege to follow Hanan’s footsteps back in 2011.

He has been a great mentor and inspiration to me throughout the years. He has been a great example of humility in his services that brought value to the members and honor to the chapter, section and society.

Hanan Potash at the 2019 IEEE CTS Appreciation Dinner

His services and support never stopped till the pandemic when we resorted to virtual services. He set an outstanding example in attendance. I don’t recall that he missed any of the sessions unless there was something out of his control. His early arrival and late departure helped others to enjoy being with him and the opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas.

As a great leader, Hanan lent support to the officers in various ways:  Membership development, speaker recruitments, budget and finance, planning, policy and procedures, Chapter/Officer appreciation dinners, and even food & beverage support!

Hanan brought light into our meetings by asking intriguing and stimulating questions to the presenters. No matter what the subject, he asked questions that brought insights, and opportunity for growth for the attendees in terms of increase of knowledge and understanding as well as challenging questions to the speakers to ponder.

Hanan Potash receives the IEEE CTS's 2018 Exceptional Services Award

Hanan celebrated Chapter successes and accomplishments, and in major events we were happy to have him and his wife with us and distinguished guests. We are glad we had the opportunity to honor him both in contributing to the chapter and at the section levels.

Finally, Hanan’s  signature in all exchanges “Keep Smilin’ Hanan“ Kept resonating with all of us.


Fawzi Behmann
Chair, IEEE Central Texas Section 2018-2019
Chair, IEEE Austin ComSoc-Signal Processing-Consumer Technology Joint-Chapter

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Ari Potash | 3 April 2022
Thank you Fawzi for this wonderful tribute