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Published: 14 Jan 2012

Alan J. Weissberger cutting a cake

(Written by Gabriel Jakobson, Director of North American Region 2010-11 on 1/14/12)

Standing next to Alan Weissberger talking you might feel whatever you want to feel, but one thing is absolutely sure – you feel energized by the smartness, sharpness of thoughts and energy that is radiating from this person.

Alan is an omni-present person; both in terms what he knows about communication and what he does for ComSoc. He has led many years at the ComSoc Santa Valley Chapter, and one should know that it is not a small one – if Santa Clara would be a country, it would be probably among three largest national ComSoc organizations worldwide.

Under Alan’s leadership in 2011, ComSocSCV has conducted 14 technical meetings, 3 Distinguished Lecture Tours and 2 industry tours. He posted 58 blog posts published at ComSoc Community.

He was an important contributor to ComSoc Strategic Plan and his enthusiasm played a critical role in bringing Social Networking into ComSoc everyday life. But there is one, the most important aspect of Alan’s legacy as ComSoc leader that needs to be stressed – Alan is leaving his post after many years of volunteering, and his place would not be empty. Alan has groomed and advised a new generation of ComSocSCV leadership that will continue the success of ComSoc SCV.

For his contribution to our Society Alan J. Weissberger received 2011 ComSocSCV Lifetime Achievement Award.