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Best Readings in Broadband Access

The subject of broadband access covers a surprisingly wide range of technologies, and spans several decades of intensive research by groups from all over the world.  This “best readings” list attempts to compile a set of references to technical papers, survey papers, and books that cover this field.  This should be useful to individuals who are just getting started in their work in broadband access, and for those who want to get a wider perspective of their field.  Of course, any such list cannot at the same time be concise and entirely complete; therefore, the authors would suggest that this list can serve as a launching point for research in the field.  There is surely more out there!

The major areas covered here are digital subscriber line (DSL), passive optical network (PON), and wireless technologies.  Within the DSL topic, there are specializations on modulation and coding, dynamic spectrum management, crosstalk cancellation, multi-wire techniques, and test and measurement.  Within the PON topic, there are specializations on TDMA, TWDMA, WDM, and OFDM techniques, as well as a review of key optoelectronic devices.  The wireless topic includes WiMax, mobile, satellite, and heterogeneous networks. 

This document would not be possible without the kind assistance of many experts in the field.  Their name is attached to their contributed section.  The complete list of contributors and their affiliations is given here.  Their dedication and research spirit must be acknowledged.

Frank J Effenberger, Huawei Technologies
Dong Wei, Huawei Technologies
Junichi Kani, NTT Labs
Thomas Pfeiffer, Alcatel Lucent
Pat Ianonne, AT&T Labs
Changhee Lee, LG-Ericsson
Neda Cvijetic, NEC Labs USA
Thomas Banwell, Applied Communication Sciences
Fabrizio Granelli, University of Trento