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Best Readings in Cloud Communications and Networking

Cloud computing is an innovative technology that relies on sharing of resources similar to a utility over the Internet. The cloud allows one to acquire computing resources such as processing power and storage on demand according to a pay-as-you-go model. In cloud computing, services are offered according to three different models: Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) (e.g., Virtual Machines, Storage), Platform as a Service (PaaS) (e.g., Web Servers, Databases), and Software as a Service (SaaS) (e.g., Email, Virtual Desktop). There are multiple ways of deploying a cloud to offer services to the cloud clients: Private Cloud (intra-organization), Public Cloud (open for public use over the Internet), and Hybrid Cloud (a combination of private and public cloud).

Though cloud-computing technology is fairly mature and adopted by various industries, there are still plenty of opportunities for research. We believe that this Best Readings on Cloud Computing will serve as a valuable bibliographical resource to those starting to work on cloud computing and who look for a single point of access to technical papers spread across a large number of conferences and journals. The list of papers is grouped under a broad range of technical topics --- including cloud services, QoS (quality of service), data centers, and security --- so that readers can easily browse through the list based on their interests.

Issued June 2015


Kaliappa Ravindran, City University of New York
Masum Z Hasan, Cisco Systems Inc.
Gerard Parr, University of Ulster
Arun Adiththan, City University of New York