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Best Readings in Device-to-Device Communications

Device-to-device (D2D) communication has attracted a lot of attention from both academia and industry in recent years.  This renewed interest is in part due to recent work in standardization bodies. Through D2D communication, two or more devices that are in the proximity of each other can communicate directly, in either a standalone or a network-coordinated manner. D2D communication has been foreseen as a key complimentary emerging technology within the 5G mobile communication paradigm, providing potential use cases such as peer-to-peer communication (e.g. for public safety, vehicle-to-everything (V2X), etc.), cellular offloading, device-based relaying, joint reception/transmission, content sharing, proximity detection, and other proximity-related services.   

In this list of Best Readings on D2D communication, we start with a list of tutorial papers, books, journal special issues, and 3GPP Technical Reports related to standardization.  We then classify the most active topics within this field into seven categories, including D2D communication design and 5G; resource allocation; neighbor, service discovery and traffic offloading; power control and mode selection; medium access control and performance analysis; security and privacy; content sharing, prototyping and application layer issues.

Issued December 2016 and Updated April 2018



Ekram Hossain
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Canada

Frank Y. Li
University of Agder
Grimstad, Norway

Benoit Pelletier
Member Technical Staff
InterDigital Canada Ltee.
Montreal, Canada