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The Winner of the 2013 IEEE ComSoc Chapter of the Year Award Goes To ...

The Winner of the 2013 IEEE ComSoc Chapter of the Year Award Goes To ...

Congratulations to the IEEE ComSoc San Diego Chapter! 

Among the 217 IEEE ComSoc Chapters worldwide, San Diego Chapter has stood out and won the 2013 ComSoc Chapter-of-the-Year Award! This year’s winner will be honored in two ways:  First of all, the Chapter receives an honorarium of $2000, and their Chair is invited to attend IEEE GLOBECOM 2013 to be recognized publicly for their chapter’s achievements at the Awards Luncheon ceremony. 

Here is how the picture of a winning Chapter looks like:

Membership Development
San Diego Chapter, led by Chapter Chair Zhensheng Zhang, has held 11 technical and professional meetings since 2012. A typical meeting starts with members sharing their experiences on the benefits of becoming an IEEE ComSoc member and encouraging non-ComSoc members to join. At the end of the year, the Chapter reminds their members to renew their memberships. As a result, the total number of ComSoc member from the Chapter increased to 550 at the end of 2012.

This year's Technical meetings include the Distinguished Lecture Tour (DLT) given by Dr. Anthony Chan, IEEE Fellow, on the hot topic about future mobility management, held in April 2013. It was very well received. San Diego chapter initiated the DLT with 4 other ComSoc Chapters in Southern California. They are currently exploring virtual meetings through webinars.

Activities Devoted to Young and Student Members
In March 2012, the Chapter organized a student meeting at UCSD , talking about the UCSD IEEE CanSat Project by Alex Forencich, Jeff Wurzbach , Chris Warren, 5th year EEs and 4th year ME majors at UCSD at the time of event. They provided an overview of the CanSat competition (, in which they participated again this year, a review of their performance in the 2011 competition and the lessons they learned from the 2011 competition were discussed.  Many students were impressed with the work and excited about the IEEE local activities.

The social event educates people how to network and support public relations programs. Some of the technical meeting and the social event were well attended by young members and students from local 3 major universities:  University of California, San Diego (UCSD),  San Diego State University (SDSU),  and University of San Diego (USD). In the distinguished lecture, there were even high school students attending.

In one of the DLT, several high school students attended the meeting and expressed their interest in sensor networks and IEEE activities.

Members in the San Diego communications chapter participated IEEE region 6 student paper competition, Micromouse competition and science fair as judges.

San Diego ChapterNetworking with Industry
San Diego has many companies such as Qualcomm, ViaSat, Nokia, Entropic Commutations, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, Broadcom, Huawei, etc. Most of the attendees were from industries, and most of the speakers were also from industries.  Most of the topics are directly related to communication industry, regulation, standards and technical trends.  The Chapter had constantly sought companies support for our student projects involvement, facilitating local IEEE students for summer Interns and helping IEEE members to find jobs.

San Diego Chapter contributed significantly to the organization of the IEEE Globecom, held in Anaheim, December 2012.  Zhensheng Zhang as the TPC chair, Xun Luo, chapter Treasurer, as the tutorial co-chair, Liangping Ma, chapter secretary, as Publicity co-chair, Dilip Krishnaswamy as Forum chair.  San Diego Chapter co-sponsored the conference. San Diego chapter also jointly organized a full day super session on:  Innovations in communication for power system, at the IEEE Power Society General Meeting, 2012. 

Hosting Chapter for IEEE GLOBECOM 2015
In 2012, San Diego Chapter Chair Zhensheng Zhang and its ComSoc member, Dr. Dilip Krishnaswamy proposed to host IEEE Globecom 2015 in San Diego. Currently, IEEE Comsoc GIMS/GITC has approved the proposal.  San Diego Chapter is co-signing a MOU to support Globeom 2015.

IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer Tour (DLT) and Distinguished Speakers Program (DSP)
Early 2012, San Diego Chapter initiated the DLT and a total of four local chapters within the Southern California region participated. It was a big success.

Dr. Arun Somani gives distinguished lecture on Autonomous Aero-Visual and Sensor Based Inspection Network for Asset Monitoring. The meeting attracted 70 attendees. High school students from Torrey Pine high school attended the meeting as well. There were many interactions during and after the talk. Positive feedback was received from local members.  

San Diego Chapter organized one DSP in December 2012, the speaker was Professor Rene Cruz, UCSD, IEEE Fellow. The speech focused on a new research field around the topic “Applications and Algorithms for Global Ad-Hoc Networks”. The attendees were impressed by the talk and many questions raised during and after the talk. 

The Chapter also jointly organized on DSP with Broadcast Technology Society in May 2012. Professor Lap-Pui Chau from Singapore talked about “Multi-Program Video Coding for Digital Video Broadcasting”. 45 people attended the meeting and generated a lot of interaction during and after the talk.  Prof. Chau is a distinguished lecturer from IEEE Broadcast Technology Society (BTS).

Membership Grade Promotions
San Diego Chapter has sponsored many grade promotions. Chapter Chair wrote several recommendation letters to local members to be promoted to senior member. Overall, 28 or more members have been promoted to senior grade in 2012.

Membership Renewal Effort
Given the struggling economic in San Diego area, some of the local members were unemployed or in transition. This affected the membership development significantly. The Chapter's goal was to recruit new members and to convince members to renew their membership. Chapter officers worked hard to organize events to help members to prepare their resumes, to provide many networking opportunities for them to exchange ideas and information on recent technologies development, information on job openings, etc.  All the members or potential members who attended the events were satisfied with Chapter's initiatives and some had found their jobs.

Due to team’s hard working and leadership, San Diego Chapter increased membership to 550 even during this difficult time, with 169 new or former comsoc members.

Other Recognitions
The IEEE San Diego Section Executive Committee nominated the San Diego Chapter for the IEEE Region 6 South West Area Outstanding Chapter Award for 2012, and they won!


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