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The Cooper Union Team Wins Top Prize for 2013 IEEE ComSoc Student Competition

The Cooper Union Team Wins Top Prize for 2013 IEEE ComSoc Student Competition

The Evaluation Committee of the 2013 IEEE ComSoc Student Competition "Communications Technology Changing the World" has announced following winners. The top prize winners are Yu-An Chen and Kyung Min Lee, students from the Cooper Union in New York City. The team will receive US $2,000, and a Plaque. Team leader will also be invited to receive the prizes during the Awards Ceremony at the IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference 2013 (IEEE GLOBECOM 2013). The 2nd Prize winner Luka Mustafa, from University College London, will receive US $1,000 and a Plaque.  Honorary Certificates will be sent to five teams or individual. Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you all for your participation and support to this event!

Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Optical Communication with Arduino(MOCA)

Yu-An Chen, Kyung Min Lee, The Cooper Union

Very Affordable Laser Ethernet Transceiver - VALET project
Luka Mustafa, University College London

(in no order)
Mobile Video Monitoring System Based on Cognitive Radio Technique

Li'an Li, ZhiCheng Xu, Jinpeng Lan, Chao Kong, Yong Cao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Design and Development of A "Social" Vehicle Navigation In A Peer-To-Peer, Distributed Traffic Information System
Shadi Djavadian, Ryerson University/Delft University of Technology

SmartBus: Towards Quality Public Transport in Brazil
Matheus Trevisan Moreira, 
Liana Gross Furini, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS)

Rescue Support by Crowdsourced Analysis of 3D Environments
Mirela Riveni, Annette Mossel, Christian Schönauer, Peter Kán, Vienna University of Technology

Video Quality Assessment and Feedback for Efficient Content Delivery in Wireless Networks
Eilwoo Baik (Student), Amit Pande (Researcher), Prasant Mohapatra (Professor at CS of UC Davis), Computer Science at University of California, Davis

(Top Prize Winners Project Videos to be uploaded soon)

For detailed information on 2013 IEEE ComSoc Student Competition "Communications Technology Changing the World", visit the website at

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IEEE ComSoc Welcomes China Telecommunication Delegation In New York

IEEE ComSoc Welcomes China Telecommunication Delegation In New York

IEEE ComSoc Welcomes Chinese Telecommunication Delegation in New YorkOn Monday morning, October 28th, IEEE ComSoc welcomed a Chinese Government Telecommunication Delegation at the City College of New York. IEEE ComSoc hosts included from staff, Executive Director Jack Howell, Marketing Director John Pape, Manager of Certification and Training, Marilyn Catis, and Senior Project Manager Ting Qian.  IEEE ComSoc Volunteer Elena Neira, Director of Online Content provided an in-depth presentation introducing IEEE Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies (WCET) Certification Program and ComSoc Training.

Led by Lin Faxiang, Vice Director General of Fujian Communications Administration, the Chinese Telecommunication Delegation, included senior representatives from China’s 20 provinces.  The overall purpose of the visit is to learn about US policies and mechanism to regulate and monitor the telecommunication industry, as well as the new technological trend in telecommunication.

The delegation is organized by The China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Triway International Group, located in Washington DC metro area, is the coordinator for the visit and trainings in the US.

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Renew Your Membership for 2014 - The Time Is Now!

Renew Your Membership for 2014 - The Time Is Now!

#1: Chance to Win iPad by Renewing IEEE Membership before 15 November 2013

If you renew your IEEE membership by 15 November 2013, you will be entered to win one of five Apple® iPad® 2 tablets. We encourage you to renew your IEEE ComSoc membership for 2014 at the same time.

For the society membership, all 2014 ComSoc members receive monthly digital delivery of ComSoc's flagship publication - IEEE Communications Magazine.
ComSoc Membership Benefits include:

• Digital Delivery of IEEE Communications Magazine.

IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology

• Online access to industry resources and technical papers.

• Webinars, tutorials and other educational programs.

• Networking opportunities with technical experts around the world. Volunteer leadership opportunities

• Member discounts on the Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies (WCET) Certification Program, and ComSoc Training programs.

• ComSoc e-News, Best Readings,ComSoc Technology News (CTN), Publications Digest, ComSoc Blog, Global Communications Newsletter.

• Digital edition of ComSoc Community Directory.

• Additional ComSoc Member discounts on conferences, publications, and member-only products.

• Eligibility for awards and recognition.

Renew IEEE and ComSoc membership by 15 November 2013. 

#2: Automatic Membership Renewal
To ensure uninterrupted membership, benefits, services, and subscriptions, you can now sign up for automatic membership renewal. Automatic renewal is time saving - one fewer bill to remember to pay and no multiple renewal reminders needed. It's environmental friendly.

Automatic renewal is available when you join or renew your IEEE membership online. Members can update their automatic renewal preferences at any time by visiting their payment profile.

Renew your IEEE & ComSoc membership today!



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You Are Invited to A Hot Webinar by ComSoc Asia Pacific Region - 5G Wireless Cellular Networks

You Are Invited to A Hot Webinar by ComSoc Asia Pacific Region - 5G Wireless Cellular Networks

Prof. BrankaComSoc Asia Pacfic Region invites you to attend a Webinar on 5G Wireless Cellular Networks, by IEEE Fellow, Professor Branka Vucetic from University of Sydney. This talk will address the drivers, visions and requirements for the fifth generation (5G) of wireless cellular communication networks, in particular, the new 5G technologies and research directions, including significant capacity improvements. The Webinar will be held on Tuesday October 29, 2013 only! Don't miss it!

Topic: 5G Wireless Cellular Networks
Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2013  Time: 16:00-17:00pm (Beijing Time), China Time (Beijing, GMT+08:00)

Speaker: Prof  Branka Vucetic, University of Sydney

About the Speaker
Prof. Branka Vucetic currently works as Peter Nicol Russel Chair and Director of the Centre of Excellence in Telecommunications at the University of Sydney. During her career she has held various research and academic positions in Yugoslavia, Australia and UK. Her research interests include wireless communications, coding, digital communication theory and MIMO systems. 
She co-authored four books and more than three hundred papers in telecommunications journals and conference proceedings. She has been elected to the grade of IEEE Fellow for contributions to the theory and applications of channel coding.

How to Attend

Simply Click "Register" on the registration form. Enter your basic information and then click "Submit." Once the host approves your registration, you will receive a confirmation email message with instructions on how to join the event.

Register for the Webinar today to reserve your seat!

Visit the Regional Webinar Website for more details.
ComSoc Asia Pacfic Region contact:


About IEEE ComSoc Regional Webinars

ComSoc Regional Webinars are originally organized by IEEE ComSoc local Chapters, and delivered to members of ComSoc regions. Speakers are usually well known ComSoc members from the region, or ComSoc Distinguished Lecturers on the tours in the regions. With the Webinar tool, now we're able to cross the regional boundaries and share these prestige lectures from different regions with our members all over the world. As an added value to the members of the IEEE ComSoc community, IEEE ComSoc Regional Webinars are set to bring featured regional webinars to our members worldwide.


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IEEE ComSoc Introduces Fall 2013 Wireless Training Schedule

IEEE ComSoc Introduces Fall 2013 Wireless Training Schedule

IEEE ComSoc Fall 2013 Wireless Training Schedule
New Full-Day and Three-Day Courses Specifically-Designed
to Enhance Real-World, Wireless Expertise of Global Industry Professionals

The IEEE ComSoc Training Fall 2013 schedule began with the recent launch of the newly-introduced, online session titled Fundamentals of 4G Small Cell Deployments, which will be held again on Thursday, 14 November and Monday, 23 December. Developed and taught by Jonathan Levine, Senior Radio Frequency Planning Engineer for U.S. Cellular®, this four-hour tutorial will explore small cell base stations and their role in expanding the targeted capacity of wireless networks as well as the challenges associated with radio interference, property rights, power requirements and options, backhaul concerns, spectral efficiency guarantees, scalability impacts and RF propagation control.

IEEE ComSoc Training will then hold the course on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) for Engineers & Managers via WebEx on Monday, 30 December. The full day, virtual session taught live will offer insights for navigating the M2M maze from analysis, design, approvals and support all the way through marketing and launch. This includes a detailed review of the wireless device regulatory industry and carrier certification processes surrounding the introduction of solutions in various countries.

Throughout the remainder of 2013, IEEE ComSoc Training will host several courses exploring the latest wireless communications and engineering advances. This will include the interactive instruction of:

LTE for the Wireless Engineering Practitioner: Fundamentals and Applications, which will be held online on Tuesday, 15 October and Wednesday, 4 December and detail the evolution of wireless communications technologies and networks with a concentration on end-to-end LTE system views and the influence of emerging IP networks

VoLTE: Convergence of IMS-based Voice and LTE, to be held online on Wednesday, 16 October to address the opportunities and challenges of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) as 4G wireless evolves to an all-IP network

Self Organizing Networks: The New Must within LTE/Multi-Technology Roadmap, which will be held online on Tuesday, 22 October and covers key requirements for the Next-Generation Mobile Network and the role of SON in addressing tremendous traffic growth, in service/experience optimization and in cost/energy efficiency

Wireless Communications Engineering: Current Practices to be held online on Wednesday, 30 October with the purpose of discussing the key subject areas covered within the IEEE WCET examination. This includes antenna engineering basics and parameters; radio wave propagation; radio frequency engineering; wireless access technologies; network & service architectures; wireless network management & security; infrastructure and wireless communications; and agreements, standards, policies and regulations

Introduction to Professional Wireless Communications to be held online on Thursday, 7 Novemberwith an emphasis on providing professionals with up-to-date knowledge of technologies, products and services in the mobile telecommunications industry. Topics include radio/spectrum/mobility terms and definitions; wireless broadband, cellular, WLAN, grids and short-range networks; devices such as smartphones, sensors; and multimedia, applications and services

Practical Wireless Communications Engineering to be held 19 November at IEEE MILCOM’13 in San Diego, California. This in-person tutorial will explore the differences between analog and digital communications and the engineering aspects of each as well as provide attendees with a better understanding of how different facets of wireless practice fit into the overall design, implementation, and operation of wireless networks for these technologies

Intensive Wireless Communications Engineering: Current Practices to be broadcast online and held in-person at IEEE GLOBECOM 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia from Monday, 9 December to Wednesday, 11 December. This intensive, 20-hour session is designed to provide a detailed understanding of wireless network management and security issues, industry standards, wireless access technologies and fundamental practices

In the coming months, IEEE ComSoc will also announce several new educational programs dealing with the latest paradigms for wireless traffic growth and management as well as next generation M2M advances surrounding energy and power efficiency and big data and end-to-end virtualization. For more information on the entire IEEE ComSoc Training course schedule, including pricing and registration details, please visit or contact Marilyn Catis at

The next IEEE WCET examination cycle will be held from 17 March - 12 April 2014 with applications due by 28 February 2014. For more information on the IEEE WCET program or to obtain the latest edition of The Wireless Communications Professional® e-newsletter and/or a free copy of the Candidate’s Handbook please visit

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Join NA Region Webinar Series on Wednesday 13 November - Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M) and Enabling Technologies

Join NA Region Webinar Series on Wednesday 13 November - Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M) and Enabling Technologies

IEEE ComSoc - North American Region Webinar Series

Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M) and Enabling Technologies

   Wednesday, 13 November 2013 @10:00 am EST   
Event address for attendees:
Call-in toll-free number: 1-866-2030920 (US) Conference Code: 448 460 1404

Internet‐of‐Things (IoT) and Machine‐to‐Machine (M2M) hold the promise of transforming the way in which enterprises do business and how we live our lives. As such, the two topics go across technologies ‐ from the very sensing and actuation all the way to the applications that sit in the cloud ‐ including all the intermediate layers of network communication.

This lecture series start by presenting use cases of IoT and M2M from the already implemented to the smart‐cities and ‐communities. Following this, the state‐of‐the‐art enabling technologies will be presented with a walkthrough of the complete layers and architectures for wireless sensor networks and related technologies such as RFID. Next, end‐to‐end architectures for enabling the IoT and M2M eco‐system are presented. Security, privacy and trust are of the utmost importance in any scenario including personal or sensitive data or information and are present as a separate topic.

Short bio:
Dr. Neeli Prasad is Director, CTIF‐USA, Princeton, New Jersey, USA and Head of Research, CTIF head office, Aalborg, Denmark. She is also Coordinator of Themantic area Network without Borders, Center for TeleInfrastruktur (CTIF) and leading IoT Testbed at Easy Life Lab (M2M and eHealth) and Secure Cognitive radio network testbed at S‐Cogito Lab (Network Management, Security, Planning, etc.). 

Dr. Neeli Prasad has over 16 years of management and research experience both in industry and academia. She is now leading a global team of 20+ researchers across multiple technical areas and projects in Japan, India, throughout Europe and USA. She has a Master of Science degree from Delft University, Netherlands and a PhD degree in electrical and electronic engineering from University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy. She has been involved in projects totaling more than $120 million – many of which she has been the principal investigator. Her notable accomplishments include enhancing the technology of multinational players including Cisco, HUAWEI, NIKSUN, Nokia‐Siemens and NICT as well as defining the reference framework for Future Internet Assembly and being one of the early key contributors to Internet of Things. She is also an advisor to the European Commission and expert member of governmental working groups and cross‐continental forums. Previously, she has served as chief architect on large‐scale projects from both the network operator and vendor side looking across the entire product and solution portfolio covering wireless, mobility, security, Internet of Things, Machine‐to‐Machine, eHealth, smart cities and cloud technologies. She has more than 250 publications and published two of the first books on WLAN. She is an IEEE senior member and an IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer.


Register Now to Reserve the Seat!
(Click the "Register" button on the bottom of that page)


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