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ComSoc Chapter Chairs Participate Face-to-Face Meeting at IEEE Sections Congress 2011

ComSoc Chapter Chairs Participate Face-to-Face Meeting at IEEE Sections Congress 2011

Highlights of the ComSoc Chapter Chairs Meeting at IEEE Sections Congress 2011
20 August 2011, San Francisco, CA
(From Gabe Jakobson,
North America Region Director )

Taking advantage that several NA Region chapter chairs planned attending the IEEE Sections Congress on 19-22 August, 2011 in San Francisco, we decided to get together and discuss the chapter activities, issues and plans in an informal free-form LA and EMEA region attended. Luckily, the meeting attracted even more participants.


It was an effective 2-hour meeting, covering a wide spectrum of different issues.

Gabe set the stage be listing few issues that people might address, including (a) why people want to join ComSoc and what values the society brings to the table, (b) what chapter activities make more sense to the members (technical meetings, DLT, student & industry activities, conferences & publications, etc.), (c) ComSoc "globalization”, (d) ComSoc Vision 2020.

Ali Abedi stressed the importance of developing and strengthening chapters, helping new chapter chairs, organizing DLTs on new technologies, e.g. nano technologies. (Action item: Gabe will inform DLT organizers about this request).

Soon Wan talked about humanitarian aspect of our activities. He also posed a question why student members only in small numbers turn into full ComSoc Members. (Action item: Gabe will contact Mehmet Ulema suggesting the ComSoc's humanitarian activities ought to get more visibility. Our ad hoc Humanitarian Communications Technology Committee under Mehmet's leadership is engaged with a number of activities already and probably could be doing even more - and should be visible for doing so).

Wahab Almuhtadi pointed out that not all chapters keep their websites active and updated and some ComSoc NAR chapters do not have at all websites, refer to NAR Chapter Pages. He emphasized the importance of the chapter website as a significant link between the chapter and their members to keep updated with chapter technical seminars and other activities that.  He informed that the NAR website ( will be shortly improved and will be transferred to a central ComSoc server. Also, in order to keep the chapter active and successful he ask the chapters to keep their relations strong with the ComSoc Society and with their Section. Also it is recommended to attend the monthly Section meeting. (Action item: Wahab and Ting will work together on reorganizing the NAR website). 

Scott Atkinson stressed that membership development still remains an important issue for us. He also informed about related activities that he and Shri are working together in an IEEE committee. (Action item: Scott will elaborate more the topic and inform on those activities)

Alan Newton informed about Vancouver chapter activities. Alan became recently the Vancouver chapter chair, and mentioned that such kind face-to-face meetings are very informative and instructive to the new chapter chairs (Action item: introduce a proposal to ComSoc management on inviting new chapter chairs to ComSoc management meetings).

Jose-David pointed out that cross-chapter cooperation should be improved. He also mentioned that more DLTs should be organized in the LA Region. (Action item: all chapters, specially the chapters in the LA region should be encouraged to invite DLs.)

Xavier Fernando shared his experience in chairing the Toronto chapter. 

Ting Qian gave a very informative and enthusiastic review of the recent progress of introducing social media services and encouraged all participants more actively to use those services in their ComSoc activities and networking. (Action item: Ting and Wahab will work together in re-designing the NAR website)

Celia Desmond informed about the success of the WCET program and the future plans of expanding the program.

Doug Zuckerman informed about the IEEE Division III activities.

Bob Shapiro encouraged chapter chairs to make their voice heard at ComSoc management level.

The meeting ended with a shared opinion that the meeting was useful and constructive.

group picture

Meeting attendees:

Ali Abedi, Maine Chapter
Xavier Fernando, Toronto Chapter
Scott Atkinson, San Antonio Chapter, Region 5 ComSoc Liaison & NAR MD
Alan Newton, Vancouver Chapter
Zhensheng Zhang, San Diego Chapter
Wahab Almuhtadi, Ottawa Chapter, Region 7 ComSoc Liaison & NAR IS
Soon Wan, Boston Chapter
Cheng Li, Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter
Jose-David Cely, Colombia Chapter
Carlos-Andres Lozano, Colombia Chapter
Dick Carrillo Melgarejo, Brazil Chapter
Wai Pang Ng, United Kingdom & Ireland Chapter
Doug Zuckerman, IEEE Division III Director-Elect
Celia Desmond, ComSoc Canada
Bob Shapiro, ComSoc MAL Chapter
Ting Qian, Sr Project Manager, IEEE ComSoc
Gabriel Jakobson, ComSoc NAR Director


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