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Discover the Best Readings in Nanoscale Communication Networks

Discover the Best Readings in Nanoscale Communication Networks
As an emerging technology, nanoscale communication networking is a highly interdisciplinary endeavor. It’s described in the IEEE P1906.1 as communication systems having essential elements with at least one dimension on the order of hundreds of nanometers and that utilize a unique physical principal of operation.
The Best Readings in Nanoscale Communication Networks issued in March 2015 covers a wide range of hot topics, encouraging innovations in this technology by assisting academic and industrial researchers in devoting their effort to highly targeted resources organized by categories.
The Best Readings in Nanoscale Communication Networks can be explored in five categories — Special Issues, Overview Books, Surveys, Standards, and Topics. Special Issue on Nanoscale and Molecular Networking from the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications is featured. 
Overview Books introduce Nanoscale Communication Networks by S.F. Bush, Molecular Communication by T. Nakano, A.W. Eckford, and T. Haraguchi. Survey features Molecular Communication Among Biological Nanomachines: A Layered Architecture and Research Issues, and Molecular Communication: Modeling Noise Effects on Information Rate, both published in IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience, and Nanoscale Materials and Devices for Future Communication Networks from IEEE Communications Magazine. Standards currently focuses on the IEEE P1906.1, Draft Recommended Practice for Nanoscale and Molecular Communication Framework.
The topics are derived from IEEE P1906.1, more specifically defined as Specificity, Perturbation, Field, Motion, Message Carrier, Medium.
Best Readings in Nanoscale Communication Networks is the work of dedicated experts. Thanks to them, Best Readings have become a time-saving innovative vehicle and a go-to source for researchers in these emerging technologies.
Editors: Akram Alomainy, Stephen F. Bush, Yifan Chen, Dilip Krishnaswamy, Mohammad Upal Mahfuz Tadashi Nakano, Janet Paluh, Tomonobu Sato, Tuna Tugcu
The contributors: Silvia Bruzzone, Ritesh Tapkire Cachar, Berk Canberk, Chan-Byoung Chae, Soumallya Chatterjee, Jose Cibelli, Sushovan Das, Andrew Eckford, Mauro Femminella, Satoshi Hiyama, Biresh Kumar Joardar, Jian-Qin Liu, Jeanne Loring, William Lytton, Dimitrios Makrakis, Amitava Mukherjee Qusai Obeidat, David Odde, David Pellman, Giussepe Piro, Anna Puig-Centelles, Ali Emre  Pusane, Ahmad Kamal  Ramli, Giulio  Ruffini, Dimitris Samara, Joel  Sandé, Josep Sole-Pareta, Farzin Piltan Aureli Soria-Frisch, Tatsuya Suda, Manuel Thery, Claudio Vicarelli, H. Birkan Yilmaz

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