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Erol Gelenbe Conferred "Knight of the Legion of Honor" by French Minister for Research and Higher Education

Erol Gelenbe Conferred "Knight of the Legion of Honor" by French Minister for Research and Higher Education

Professor Erol Gelenbe, a long-time IEEE Fellow and ComSoc Member, was awarded the honour of “Knight of the Legion of Honour” (Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur) during a ceremonial investiture conducted by Mrs. Geneviève Fioraso, the French Minister for Research and Higher Education. The event took place on the 25th of June at the main Ministry Building, the Pavillon Boncourt in the historic Latin Quarter of Paris.

Mrs. Fioraso proudly praised Erol as her fellow citizen, and followed with a speech tracing Erol’s exceptional contributions. In her speech, she stressed the pioneering nature of Erol’s research regarding the performance of computer systems and computer networks, and described his invention of new stochastic networks such as G-Networks and Random Neural Networks, and their mathematical solutions. She indicated that another remarkable aspect of Erol’s pioneering work was the worldwide collaborations that he had developed, plus the fact that he had supervised some 70 PhD students, many of whom have now become technical or academic leaders. She mentioned Erol’s previous awards from Turkey, France, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Poland,  the UK and the USA, and stated that Erol was the first French computer scientist to be awarded the Grand Prix France Telecom of the Academy of Sciences in 1996, the only French computer scientist who had received three distinct honorary degrees, and the only one who is a member of five different Science or Engineering Academies.

Erol Gelenbe receiving award from Mrs. Floraso“In the name of the President of France, I make you a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur”

Mrs. Fioraso recalled that for a period of time, Erol had engaged in public life in France at the Research and Higher Education Ministry. During that phase of his work, Erol had worked on four important issues:
- The reorganisation of the prestigious Ecoles Normale Superieure System of higher education,
- the development of new programs of study in engineering and technology,
- the introduction of computer science education into all university programmes in France,
- and the creation of doctoral programmes and degrees in engineering and business schools.

Mrs Fioraso said that Erol   “…  has given  a decisive impulse to computer science knowledge in France, and to its spread among students, researchers and the commercial sector,”  and indicated that the societal and educational issues that he had addressed have now become of even greater importance.

Mrs Fioraso added that “In addition to being a very great researcher, you are also an innovator …  and your work on stochastic networks has allowed the emergence of numerous applications in diverse  areas, including biology, ... and was successfully incorporated into commercial software packages" … and Mrs FIORASO mentioned some of Erol's inventions including the SYCOMORE Multiprocessor Packet Switch and the world's first random access fiber-optics network XANTHOS.

She concluded by saying  “in the name of the President of France,  I make you a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur”.

Erol Gelenbe holds the “Dennis Gabor Chair” at Imperial College, which was named after the Nobel Laureate who invented holography.


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