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IEEE ComSoc Regional Webinars - A New Service to Inspire Members Worldwide

IEEE ComSoc Regional Webinars - A New Service to Inspire Members Worldwide

First Live Event - Wednesday, 19 June 2013
10:00 a.m. UK Time (GMT +1)
5:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
11:00 a.m. Europe Summer Time (Rome, GMT+02:00)

Li-Fi - High Speed Wireless Communications via Light Bulbs

Li-Fi Webinar

This talk will motivate Li-Fi and will review achievements for point-to-point communication links using off-the-shelf white light emitting diodes (LEDs). Moreover, latest research results are presented on small cell optical wireless networks which we refer to as optical attocell networks. We demonstrate that the data density (bits per second per square meter) can be improved by up to a factor of 1300 compared to radio frequency (RF) femtocell networks. This is because of the more favorable interference conditions in optical attocell networks. The talk will conclude with potential future application scenarios.

Professor Haas was an invited speaker at the TED Global 2011. He has pioneered ‘Li-Fi’ listed among the 50 best inventions in TIME Magazine 2011. His work appeared in other printed and broadcast media such as CNN International, BBC, New York Times, Wired UK, etc. He holds 23 patents, and has published more than 250 conference and journal papers. He has been awarded the prestigious Established Career Fellowship from the EPSRC in 2012. Recently he was invited to speak about Li-Fi at the Edinburgh Science Festival. He is cofounder and CTO of pureVLC Ltd.

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About IEEE ComSoc Regional Webinar

To propel the advancement of communications technologies, we need inspirations from the power of ideas. The new program "IEEE ComSoc Regional Webinars" is a valuable service to encourage new ideas for research and innovations. 

Organized Regional. Broadcast Global.

IEEE ComSoc Regional Webinars are originally organized by IEEE ComSoc local Chapters, and delivered to members of ComSoc regions. Speakers are usually well known ComSoc members from the region, or ComSoc Distinguished Lecturers on the tours in the regions.

With the Webinar tool, now we're able to cross the regional boundaries and share these prestigious lectures from different regions with our members all over the world. Regions with Webinars activities are included in the program. Currently, they are Asia/Pacific, Latin America, North America Regions.

As an added value to the members of the IEEE ComSoc community, IEEE ComSoc Regional Webinars are set to bring featured regional webinars to our global members. 

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