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IEEE ICC 2017 Announces its Industry Program

IEEE ICC 2017 Announces its Industry Program

Hundreds of Communications Experts to Discuss Next Wave 5G, IoT, AI, Big Data & Spectrum Sharing Innovations in Paris, France from 21-25 May

IEEE ICC 2017(, the leading international venue dedicated to the advancement of wireless and wireline communications worldwide, will host nearly 20 industry sessions devoted to the latest developments in next wave technologies such as 5G, IoT, AI, Big Data & spectrum sharing. Held this year from 21-25 May at the Paris Congress Center (Palais des Congrès) in Paris, France, IEEE ICC is recognized globally as an annual showcase of innovation exploring the latest in communications technologies and policies.

This year, the Industry Program will address a wide array of topics ranging from standardization to propagation challenges, including security, artificial intelligence in networks, and spectrum, among others, most of them addressing 5G, but not entirely. The program will begin on Monday, 22 May with two panels on 5G and IoT, followed by the CTO Forum addressing “From Myth to Reality: Rapid Deployment at Scale toward 5G Global Success.” This forum brings together high-level representatives from leading mobile operators and manufacturers to critically assess such measures, from standardization pace to over-the-air trials and interoperability testing for validation, in order to drive the ecosystem toward rapid and wide-scale commercialization, which are the basis for making 5G success.  The session is intended to be an open and frank debate among developers, operators and vendors about the timeline and potentials for 5G to address the larger vision beyond 2020. 

These highly focused panels will continue through Wednesday, 24 May with a broad range of experts from operators, vendors, service providers, consultants, among other industry players, as well as academia, research centers, standardization bodies and regulators. Discussions center on topics such as:

  • Big Data Analytics for Smart and Connected Health
  • 5G C-RAN and X-Haul
  • Spectrum Sharing in Future Wireless Communications Systems
  • ComTech Innovation and Trends towards Smart Connected Car Environment
  • Challenges and Opportunities in SDN/NFV and 5G Security
  • 5G: What Architecture to Serve Vertical Industries?
  • The Path to and Obstacles in Network Virtualization
  • Propagation Challenges in New 5G Use Cases
  • 5G Progress and Challenges
  • Network AI

The program also offers two seminars dedicated to simulation tools and measurement equipment and testbeds. One, “The Road to 5G: Design, Simulate and Prototype Wireless Systems using MATLAB and Simulink,” will be given by John Wang of MathWorks. The talk will discuss how MATLAB and Simulink provide an integrated environment for designing, simulating, and prototyping 5G wireless systems, giving up to-date progress on MATLAB and Simulink in the 5G area and how it can address engineers’ and researchers’ challenge in 5G areas, such as mm Waves, Massive MIMO, and prototyping. The other, “Real-Time Prototyping of Massive MIMO,” will be presented by Douglas Kim of National Instruments. It will provide insights into Massive MIMO and rarely shared information on the implementation of such a complex system, presenting information on the practical challenges associated with the implementation of such systems, and a close examination of a test bed, using real-world over-the-air channels and true real-time data rates.

Other significant events to be held during the heart of the conference will include the presentation of nearly 1,200 original scientific papers, as well as the keynotes of leading industry executives and researchers. For instance, Marcus Weldon, President of Bell Labs and CTO of Nokia, will share insights on driving technological and architectural innovations during the opening and keynote session. Over next few days Marcus will be joined by:

  • Georges Karam, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Sequans Communications, who will speak on “4G Wireless Enabling the Internet of Things (IoT)”
  • Wen Tong, Huawei Fellow, Head of Huawei Wireless Research and CTO of Huawei Wireless, who will detail “The Blueprint of 5G - A Global Standard”
  • Alain Aspect, Director of Research at CNRS and Professor at École Polytechnique, who will talk about “From Einstein’s Doubts to Quantum Information: A New Quantum Revolution”
  • Serge Willenegger, Senior Vice President of Qualcomm Technologies, who will address “The On the Path to 5G”
  • Giuseppe Caire, Professor at Technical University of Berlin, who will discuss “Wireless Edge Caching: Promises and Recent Advances”

For more information about IEEE ICC 2017 including program updates and registration information, please visit All website visitors are also invited to network with colleagues and peers, share their professional experiences through the conference’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

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