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Just Released! Best Readings In Internet of Things

Just Released! Best Readings In Internet of Things
The Internet of Things has become one of the most trending and multidisciplinary topics in the current Communications and Networking technologies. 
This issue of Best Readings provides readers with the opportunity to address key innovations and challenges, such as security, fog computing, and complex event processing. At the same time, it provides a wide analysis of the advantages from emerging trends such as open ecosystems, open platforms, open data and its consequent impact into verticals such as energy and smart cities.
We expect that these Best Readings provide an initial bibliographical starting point for the people interested in the Internet of Things, addressing its different dimensions and its interactions with other key domains and topics.
IoT and Cooperation Platforms / Frameworks 
IoT Security
Fog Computing
Complex Event Processing (CEP)
IoT and Social Networks (Social IoT)
IoT and Open Data
Energy Management
The Best Readings from IEEE Communications Society is a free service for the community, assisting researchers, innovators and all the experts in the industry to find the top quality resources in one place, making search and information gathering easier for our readers.

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