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Learn About Advanced Topics in Wireless Positioning

Learn About Advanced Topics in Wireless Positioning
Advanced Topics in Wireless Positioning
Wednesday, 5 April, 2017
9:00am to 4:30pm EDT
The scope of positioning solutions have expanded significantly since the U.S. FCC mandated automatic location reporting on emergency calls from cellular phones in the 1990's. 
However, many problems remain, particularly in regard to positioning accuracy indoors and in other environments where GPS operation is significantly limited.
Deployment of LTE and LTE Advanced, using OFDM modulation which was not incorporated in previous generation cellular networks, has obligated new methods for implementing handset and network based positioning as a backup to GPS and to gain flexibility in meeting the requirements of ever increasing location applications and services. 

Join us for this live online course taught by our instructor, wireless communications expert, Alan Bensky, who will guide you through key principles, practices and applications of wireless position estimation techniques, and put you at the forefront of the latest positioning and location technologies.
Learning Objectives

Gain an understanding of the following:
•  the basics of wireless positioning
•  cellular location
•  Long Term Evolution (LTE) – OFDM modulation
•  the positioning reference signals in LTE
•  collaboration between mobile handsets and its role in location awareness
•  how MIMO improves positioning capability
•  the essentials of data fusion, the Kalman filter and inertial measuring devices
Should You Attend?

Up-to-date principles, practices and applications of wireless position estimation techniques are covered in this course, rendering it invaluable to individuals who are:

• managing, planning, designing and deploying location awareness projects
• responsible for developing products containing positioning features for general purposes
• supporting first responders and homeland security operations
• looking for an overview of the state of cellular positioning 
Registration closes on 3 April 2017
You can earn 0.6 IEEE Continuing Education Units for participating.
For any questions, contact Tara Gallus at or visit the IEEE ComSoc Training website.

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