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IEEE REACH Awarded Digital Engagement Prize

IEEE REACH Awarded Digital Engagement Prize

The British Society for the History of Science (BSHS) has awarded IEEE REACH with the Ayrton Prize.

As the BSHS release states “This valuable set of educational resources, which has the potential to grow significantly through collaborations in the future, is easily-navigable and represents an important step in raising the profile of the history of science, technology and medicine by inspiring engineers of the future."

The Ayrton Prize recognizes digital engagement in the history of science, technology and medicine, and is named after Hertha Ayrton, holder of nearly 30 patents and winner of the Hughes Medal for her work on electric arcs. IEEE REACH is the second recipient of the prize.

The IEEE Foundation is thrilled that REACH is gaining awareness around the globe, and excited to learn how pre-university teachers in the UK will use IEEE REACH’s inquiry units to enhance their classroom lessons.

Donors’ early support of IEEE REACH enabled the website design, development of three inquiry units: Early Maritime Navigation, Printing Press and Triremes, and another two in production: Drones and Radio.

IEEE REACH draws heavily from oral and first-hand histories, milestones, and IEEE historians use these sources in creating each inquiry unit. You’re encouraged to register for an account and discover REACH for yourself, forward it to a teacher or join our roster of donors. 


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