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Webcast - A Practical Guide to Understanding the Road to 5G

Webcast - A Practical Guide to Understanding the Road to 5G

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A Practical Guide to Understanding the Road to 5G
Let’s start with LTE and run through the evolution to 5G by contrasting fixed vs mobile use cases; explore channel, bandwidth, and mmWave concepts; compare Verizon 5G and 3GPP New Radio; and define sidehaul, fronthaul and cloud RAN.  Then we’ll slow down and dive deeper into beamforming technology to show how multiuser massive MIMO with its spatial multiplexing capabilities will enable  high quality of service to each user.  We close with an overview of multi antenna array design architectures including Digital Beamforming (DBF), RF/Analog Beamforming (AF), and Hybrid Beamforming (HBF). 
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IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management Seeking New Editor-in-Chief

IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management Seeking New Editor-in-Chief


Opportunity is knocking. Apply for the Editor-in-Chief position for the highly respected publication - IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (TNSM). The deadline is 15 September, 2017.

The IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (TNSM) publish peer-reviewed archival-quality papers that advance the state-of-the-art and practical applications of network and service management. Theoretical research contributions presenting new concepts and techniques, as well as applied contributions reporting on experiences and experiments are encouraged. 

These transactions focus on the key technical issues related to Management Models, Architectures, and Frameworks; Service Provisioning, Reliability and Quality Assurance; Management Functions; Enabling Technologies; Information and Communication Models; Policies; Applications and Case Studies; Emerging Technologies and Standards.

The current Editor-in-Chief will complete his term on 31 December 2017. The ideal candidate for the upcoming Editor-in-Chief position is well respected in the field, known for ethics and integrity, and has demonstrated management skills. The selected candidate is expected to assume the roles and responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief including the selection of associate editors, governance of the entire editorial board, and ensuring that the standards of the journal are sustained. The period of service will be two years, renewable for one additional term.

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for appointing Editorial Board members, setting goals, updating topical areas, overseeing the review process, handling appeals, and handling cases of plagiarism among other topics.

Eligibility: Must have a strong record of editorial activities and excellence in communications and Network Management. According to the charter, the candidate must also be a member of IEEE Communications Society. 

Selection Process: The nominations will be accepted for the EIC position until 15 September 2017. Based on a holistic evaluation of all EIC candidates, a ranked short list will be generated by a selection committee, and the final selected candidate will be appointed by the VP Publications.

Nomination Process: Please email Mehmet Ulema (, Chair of TNSM Advisory Board with copy to Nelson Fonseca (, VP Publications, a letter of interest including qualifications. If you have any question or concern for the nomination process, please contact


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Raising Engineering Awareness One Class At A Time

Raising Engineering Awareness One Class At A Time

Recently, Natalie Krauser McCarthy, IEEE Foundation Development Officer, visited her alma mater, Townsend Harris High School in Flushing, New York, as World History teacher Franco Scardino piloted the IEEE REACH Early Navigation Inquiry Unit. More than 100 AP World History students, across three classes, were fully engrossed in the class and walked away excited about engineering and how it impacts their daily lives.

Townsend Harris High SchoolHis classes sought to answer the question, “Why do nations seek to explore & navigate?” and discussed how despite the changes in technology over the centuries the response behind exploration remain the same.

Drawing from the REACH inquiry unit, or lesson plan, Mr. Scardino manipulated the materials to align them with his classes’ specific needs and goals. As part of his lesson, he used REACH’s first-hand histories and shared a REACH video in the classroom. “My students are always excited to come to class, and today I experienced a higher level of engagement, which I attribute, in part, to IEEE REACH. I look forward to using the Printing Press inquiry unit in my classroom, as a bridge to a discussion on mass communications technologies.”

Donors’ early support of IEEE REACH enabled the website design, development of three inquiry units: Early Maritime Navigation, Printing Press and Triremes, and another two are in production: Drones and Radio.

IEEE REACH draws from oral and first-hand histories, milestones, and IEEE historians use these sources in creating each inquiry unit. Register for an account and discover REACH for yourself, forward it to a teacher, or join our roster of donors. Your gift drives the future of REACH.


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IEEE COMSOC Lahore Section and KICS-UET Celebrate the World Telecom Day 2017

IEEE COMSOC Lahore Section and KICS-UET Celebrate the World Telecom Day 2017

Authors: Kashif Bashir, Prof. Dr. Waqar Mahmood, Usman Munawar and Shahid Zulfiqar
(Photo submitted by Kashif Bashir)

IEEE Communication Society Lahore Section and KICS-UET organized World Telecommunication Day (WTC) on 16 May 2017. The event was held at Seminar Hall in University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, embraced by many high officials and the experts from academia and industry. Mr. Kashif Bashir, IEEE ComSoc Lahore Section Chair, Edwart Zhang Vice President of Huawei Technologies China, Mr. Javed Aslam EVP Technical PTCL, Dr Amjad Hussain Director, Fast University, Mr. Sajjad Kirmani, CEO, Infogistic, Mr Fysal Gill, Senior Director, Spead Cast, Prof Dr Waqar Mahmood, Director KICS, Mr. Moeez Ahmad Faizi and Deputy Chief, Telecom Punjab Safe City Authority attended the event, which theme was ‘Big Data for Big Impact’. The purpose of WTD was to highlight the importance of communication in our lives.

The event began with a video message by Prof. Dr. Vincenzo Piuri, who is a Full Professor at the University of Milan, Italy. He emphasized the importance of Big Data in today’s world and thanked the organizers for conducting the World Telecom Day 2017 at KICS.

Chief Guest of the occasion - Mr. Edward Zhang, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Solution, uttered about the strapping friendship between Pakistan and China and how beneficial it had been since the outset in terms of business development between the two countries. He also revealed about the ICT solutions and mentioned the Huawei Pakistan’s functions. Mr. Edward then expressed about the overview of Safe City Project Lahore. Besides, he mentioned about Smart City Services Development and IoT Services.

Mr. Javed Aslam, Executive Vice President Technical PTCL, expressed his views on ‘How PTCL connects us to the world?’ Mr. Amjad Hussain, Chair IEEE Lahore Section and Director FAST, presented his views on technology enhancements and communication development. Mr. Fysal Gill, Head SpeedCast (Central & South Asia), talked about the topics like GPRS, Technology and Satellite Systems. Mr. Sajjad Kirmani, CEO Infogistic, revealed his views on legacy systems, advancement in technology, cloud computing and telecom explosions in Pakistan. Mr. Moeez Ahmad Faizi, Deputy Chief Telecommunication Punjab Safe City Authority, presented safe city projects and speed connectivity.

Vice Chancellor UET Lahore, Prof. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, thanked the guests and stressed the importance of technology in today’s world. He also gave a special mention of Huawei’s collaborations with UET.

Director KICS, Prof. Waqar Mahmood, too talked about the importance of Big Data and gave a presentation on IEEE Society and KICS’ Labs. The event concluded with souvenirs’ distribution among the guests.

A post panel discussion followed in which the distinguished guests and the high officials of Al-Khawarazmi Institute discussed their views on the impact of Big Data. IEEE ComSoc Chair and Manager, HUTIC, Mr. Kashif Bashir elaborated the Big Data impacts on the masses and told the panel about conducting more future events of these kinds. He also thanked all guests and member of IEEE Society who attended this event.

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