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IEEE REACH Awarded Digital Engagement Prize

IEEE REACH Awarded Digital Engagement Prize

The British Society for the History of Science (BSHS) has awarded IEEE REACH with the Ayrton Prize.

As the BSHS release states “This valuable set of educational resources, which has the potential to grow significantly through collaborations in the future, is easily-navigable and represents an important step in raising the profile of the history of science, technology and medicine by inspiring engineers of the future."

The Ayrton Prize recognizes digital engagement in the history of science, technology and medicine, and is named after Hertha Ayrton, holder of nearly 30 patents and winner of the Hughes Medal for her work on electric arcs. IEEE REACH is the second recipient of the prize.

The IEEE Foundation is thrilled that REACH is gaining awareness around the globe, and excited to learn how pre-university teachers in the UK will use IEEE REACH’s inquiry units to enhance their classroom lessons.

Donors’ early support of IEEE REACH enabled the website design, development of three inquiry units: Early Maritime Navigation, Printing Press and Triremes, and another two in production: Drones and Radio.

IEEE REACH draws heavily from oral and first-hand histories, milestones, and IEEE historians use these sources in creating each inquiry unit. You’re encouraged to register for an account and discover REACH for yourself, forward it to a teacher or join our roster of donors. 


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Join Us for a Special IoT Workshop

Join Us for a Special IoT Workshop
Join experts and practitioners from industry, the public sector, and the research community who are interested and involved in the deployment of IoT technologies at a special 19 June 2017 IoT workshop at the IEEE International Conference on Prognostics and Health Management (ICPHM) 2017 in Allen, TX. The workshop is sponsored by the IEEE Reliability Society and the IEEE IoT Initiative. 
The workshop includes an overview of the Internet of Things from multiple perspectives - what it is, how it is evolving, and why it is important. Talks by practitioners from industry will cover critical applications where reliability, scale, or safety are important factors.
The workshop will include a special focus on logistics, smart buildings, power systems, and transportation. It will offer interactive panel sessions and presentations focusing on real-world situations. The speakers include technologists from BNSF, IBM, Interdigital, Huawei, NTIA, Fluor, Corporation, OpenTechWorks, the Vincula Group, and I.D.Systems..
The IEEE IoT initiative is sponsored by more than 20 IEEE societies. IEEE ComSoc is the lead sponsor and the Reliability Society is a major sponsor.
We hope that you can join us and be involved in the exciting world of IoT! Networking opportunities will be plentiful, with breakfast, lunch, and a post-event reception included in the admission fee.
(Select “IoT Workshop Only” when you scroll down the “registrant type” menu on the registration site)

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ComSoc and MTT to Host Joint 5G Summit at IMS2017

ComSoc and MTT to Host Joint 5G Summit at IMS2017
The 5G Summit at IMS2017 is part of a special collaboration that complements MTT-S’s “hardware and systems” focus with ComSoc’s "networking and services” focus. It will be held from 5–6 June as part of the impactful series. This summit will provide a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and researchers from the industrial and academic community to collaborate and exchange ideas in this emerging technology that may help drive the standards and enable rapid deployment. 
5G Summit @ IMS2017
Monday-Tuesday, 5-6 June 2017
Location: Hawai‘i Convention Center, 311
Debabani Choudhury, Intel Labs, IMS2017 5G Summit Committee
Doug Zuckerman, Vencore Labs, IMS2017 5G Summit Committee
Ashutosh Dutta, ATT, IMS2017 5G Committee
Tim LaRocca, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, IMS2017 5G Summit Committee
Joy Laskar, Maja Systems, IMS2017 5G Summit Committee 
The summit program features top experts from industry, academia, and government, who will share knowledge and discuss strategies and solutions with the summit attendees. Day 1 (PM) features Flavio Bonomi of Nebbiolo Technologies as the opening keynote speaker, who will give a 5G overview and show the relationship with fog computing and networking as a key enabler. Distinguished speakers following Flavio will cover topics including security, spectrum use, operator and service provider perspectives, advanced multicarrier waveforms, channel modeling, and densification.
Day 1 will end with a panel on “5G Startup Ecosystem-Network to Components.” Day 2 (PM) begins with an overview of the IEEE 5G Initiative by Ashutosh Dutta of AT&T, the initiative co-chair, and then a keynote by Arogyaswami Paulraj of Stanford University on “5G Wireless Evolution and MU-MIMO.” The distinguished speakers who follow will cover topics such as massive MIMO from LTS to new radio, V2X and 5G, 5G vision and experimental trials from a service provider perspective, full-duplex wireless challenges, RFIC/CMOS techniques for 5G and beyond, and RFIC/CMOS transceivers for 5G. Day 2 will close with a panel on “5G Test and Measurement.”

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IEEE ComSoc Lahore Section Announces 2017 ComSoc Summer School Program

IEEE ComSoc Lahore Section Announces 2017 ComSoc Summer School Program

IEEE Region 10 IEEE COMSOC Lahore Section, Pakistan has announced “2017 IEEE ComSoc Summer School Program.” The program will be held on 11- 14 July 2017 and organized by UET Lahore & FAST University. A 2-Day seminar will be conducted in FAST University & another 2-day seminar will be held in UET Lahore, Pakistan.

Last year, 18 Speakers presented their talks, and 35 Ms/Phd students from all across the universities participated in this program.

ComSoc Summer School is designed for fresh graduates, MS/PhD students to promote research. The program covers fundamental, advanced and hot topics that will brighten young graduates on current Industry trends, knowledge & scope of Communication related field.

Important Date:
11 July 2017: Day 1 FAST University Lahore, Pakistan
12 July 2017: Day 2 FAST University Lahore, Pakistan
13 July 2017: Day 3 UET Lahore, Pakistan
14 July 2017: Day 4 UET Lahore, Pakistan

The program Includes:
1) Technical Sessions
2) Paper Poster presentation
3) Technical Visit
4) Free Meals for 4 days

Check out the program details, or watch last year's video clips at Youtube Channel, or browse this year's Summer School website.

For queries about registration: call +92 300 6804657. For queries about Venue: Call +92 323 4480000, or email the Event Chair Kashif Bashir at: Kashif@]

IEEE ComSoc Team members who are working on IEEE ComSoc Summer School Program include:
Convener: Dr. Waqar Mahmood, Director KICS UET Lahore
Event chair: Mr. Kashif Bashir, Chair IEEE COMSOC Lahore Section
Advisory committee: Dr. B.S. Chowdhry, Dr. Parkash Lohana, Dr. Amjad Hussain, Dr. Khalid Mahmood ul Hassan, Dr. Omer Saleem Bhatti,
Steering committee: Dr. Yasir Saleem, Usman Munawar, Shahid Zulfiqar, Mamoon Masud, Hamza Ihtisham, Usman Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Bilawal.

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