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Industry & Standards Activities Boards

The Standards Development Board is responsible for the promotion and advancement of communications standards. The Standardization Programs Development Board is responsible for launching pre-and post-standardization technical activities, not restricted to those standards being developed by the IEEE. The Industry Outreach Board is responsible for assuring a comprehensive and cost effective outreach program of Society products and services to industry and governmental communities. The Industry Communities Board is responsible for organizing communities of industry members along specific relevant topics of interest to provide input and guidance to Society products and services in order to enhance the experience and engagement of industry members with the Society.

In the IEEE Communications Society, Industry & Standards Activities is responsible for overseeing all Society activities and programs related to:

(i)             fostering pre- and post standardization activities, such as conferences, publications, and communities related to standards within ComSoc’s scope that are or may be in the future under development by standards development organizations worldwide;

(ii)            identifying opportunities and fostering ComSoc’s engagement in new and/or existing standards development projects;

(iii)           increasing the engagement and visibility of ComSoc standards initiatives within IEEE, the wider international standards community, and the broad international community of communications and networking technologists;

(iv)           using ComSoc standards activities to forge closer ties with ComSoc's other departments and activities;

(v)            maintaining a close and informed relationship with the IEEE-SA and;

(vi)           within ComSoc, according to IEEE governing documents, ComSoc-sponsored IEEE standards projects. 


In order to do these things, Industry & Standards Activities is organized into two boards.  One, the ComSoc Standards Development Board (CSDB), organized as a standards sponsor under the approved processes and procedures of the IEEE Standards Association, provides the organizational umbrella within ComSoc for formally constituted standards-related study and working groups.  The other, the ComSoc Standardization Programs Development Board (CSPDB),   organized under ComSoc P&P’s, is the umbrella for every standardization-related activity in ComSoc that is pre- or post-standardization.  This includes the convening of rapid-reaction standards workshops, the creation and chartering of research groups, interaction with technical activities, and the promotion of standards-related publications, conferences, and other events.  As an example, the CSPDB has initiated the Communications Standards supplement to Communications Magazine and the new IEEE Conference on Standards in Communications and Networking (IEEE-CSCN).

IEEE Standards in Education

Standards Development Guidelines

To obtain the list of ComSoc standards projects, type in "Communications Society" and Search at: IEEE Standards Status Report