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Industry Outreach Board

This Board is responsible for assuring a comprehensive and costeffective outreach program of Society products and services to industry and governmental communities. It is also responsible for developing liaisons with communications and networking related enterprises to promote ComSoc products and services and to attract industry and government leaders into ComSoc’s volunteer community.

Chair/Director | Ashutosh Dutta
Ex Officio | VP Standards and Industry – Rob Fish
Liaison | VP Member & Global Activities - Stefano Bregni
Liaison | Ian Wong, Chair ICEC
Past Director | Stan Moyer

Nirwan Ansari | Saurabh Sureka | Neelesh B. Mehta | Sonia Aissa | Koichi Asatani | Rose Qingyang Hu | Gerhard Fettweis | Priyadarsan Patra | Christian Makaya | Roger Piqueras | Komlan Egoh | Titus Lo | Shiny Abraham

Susan Brooks | Adam Greenberg | Bruce Worthman | Munir Mohammed | Heather Ann Sweeney