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2018 LA/NA Regional Member-At-Large Candidate Jinsong Wu

Candidate's Statement

If I am elected, I would like to solidly work with other ComSoc members on SUSTAINABLE

  • SUpporting the analyses and changes of ComSoc functions and services to provide improved values to ComSoc members and Technical Committees
  • Supporting new activities and benefits to retain existing and engage more new ComSoc members;
  • PromoTing and accelerating the ComSoc responses to new interdisciplinary and emerging topics, areas, and trends;
  • EncourAging and extending our ComSoc activities and efforts towards environmental, social, and economical sustainability;
  • Growing ComSoc values to academIcs while intensifying and encouraging industrial participation.
  • ENABLing collaboration with various IEEE Initiatives , IEEE Societies, and Councils as well as other relevant non-IEEE international organizations;

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He was leading Editor and co-author,“Green Communications: Theoretical Fundamentals, Algorithms, and Applications” (2012), the very first comprehensive book covering broad topics of green wireless communications, green wireline communications, relevant general topics.

He is elected Vice Chair, Technical Activities, IEEE Environmental Engineering Initiative under IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB). He was the founding Chair, ComSoc Technical Committee on Green Communications and Computing, and the primary co-founder and Vice-Chair, ComSoc Technical Committee on Big Data (TCBD). He was the very first proposer (2012) and long term promoter of IEEE Green Journals/Transactions. He is the founder of IEEE Communications Magazine Series on Green Communication and Computing Networks. He was one of key proposers and a long term promoter (2012-2015) from Green Track into dedicated Green Symposium within ComSoc flagship conferences. He opened Big Data Track series with very general topic coverage in ComSoc flagship conferences in 2016.  He received 2017 IEEE Systems Journal Best Paper Award. He received PhD in Queen’s University, Canada. He is Associate Professor, Electrical Engineeing, University of Chile.

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