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Design and Implementation Series

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The primary goal of IEEE Communications Magazine's Design and Implementation Series of articles is to serve the needs of telecommunications and telephony professionals in industry. Their jobs are often focused on creating products and services that maximize return on investment and that operate robustly across a broad range of environments. Typically, though, engineering represents only a small fraction of the total R&D effort. This is because many other factors must be taken into account that are not considered on the chalkboard or in a proof-of-concept; for example, interoperability, scalability (in both directions), compatibility (in both directions), cost-of-goods, market dynamics, security, effective user interfaces, technical risk, serviceability, manageability, supportability, testability, availability, deployability, recovery, packaging, etc.

The ability to design and implement solutions successfully in such a complex environment is gained largely through experience and not through literature searches or collaborations with industry peers. Hence, the Design and Implementation Series seeks articles that provide practical knowledge for creating products and services while retaining the academically rigorous style and structure typical of Communications Magazine articles. You can write about any telecommunications or telephony topic, but we are particularly interested in IP telephony applications and infrastructure, especially in markets where non-traditional providers and vendors compete. Emphasize the factors that contributed to the decision process for your design and implementation, and tell us about the lessons learned, good or bad, from the experience. As much as possible, these decision factors should be generic enough to be applicable broadly to most telephony projects, regardless of their design details, and thus of interest to technologists outside the specialty of the article.


Salvatore Loreto
Ericsson Research, Finland

Vijay K. Gurbani
Bell Laboratories, Nokia

Ravi Subrahmanyan
Butterfly Network Inc, USA