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Integrated Circuits for Communications

Series Topic


Integrated circuits technology has evolved rapidly in the past few decades enabling a wide spectrum of communication devices and capabilities, spanning from few kilobits per second to gigabits per second data rates with devices small enough to be implanted into our bodies or worn as watches, or fitted in our shirt pockets. Advances in circuits technology has also fueled the deployment of a plethora of communications standards worldwide, enabling unprecedented communications capacity and enhanced performance.

The Integrated Circuits for Communications Series is a specific series of IEEE Communications Magazine, a flagship IEEE Communications Society publication with a global readership, dedicated to this exciting field. It publishes top-quality, high-impact, original, and unpublished magazine-style articles in all areas of integrated circuits for communications as well as networking, covering aspects of research, development, productization, and applications of circuits enabling current and emerging communications systems. The Series consists of two issues published twice a year in April and October.

This Series invites manuscript submissions addressing the following topics:

  • Optical transceivers supporting core, metro, access, and data center applications
  • Novel multi-layer protocol processors
  • Novel sensor enabling embedment into smartphones (e.g. navigation, and augmented reality)
  • Novel multimedia processors enhancing media processing in smartphones.
  • Novel digital signal processors for wireless or wired communications
  • Integrated beamformers for 5G
  • Digitally enhanced analog/RF communications circuits
  • Highly integrated, high-performance front-end circuits
  • Novel communication processors for wireless or wired communications
  • Transceivers/modems for wired or wireless communications
  • Software defined radios
  • Cognitive radios
  • Ultra-low-power or self-powered wireless communications
  • Power management circuits enabling wireless power
  • Radio-frequency-based sensors for telemedicine
  • Integrated radar/LIDAR chips
  • Baseband modem chips for wireless or wired communications
  • Circuit technology for IoT or PoC
  • Analog signal processing to enable low-power communications
  • Full-duplex radios
  • Circuits implementation of neural networks for communications applications
  • Circuits for emerging communication standards


Charles Chien
CreoNex Systems Inc., USA

Zhiwei Xu
Zhejiang University, China