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Operating Standing Committee

OpCom conducts business on behalf of the BoG and is comprised of a subset of the BoG members. Actions from a duly called OpCom meeting shall be submitted to the BoG for ratification in a consent agenda or further consideration in its next meetings.

Chair (President) | Khaled B. Letaief

Voting Members
Past President | Harvey Freeman
Vice Presidents | Stefano Bregni | Nelson Fonseca | Stefano Galli | Nei Kato | Xuemin (Sherman) Shen
MALs (class representatives) | Tom Hou | Ricardo Veiga | Wei Zhang
IEEE Division III Delegate/Director | Vijay Bhargava
All ComSoc Directors
CIO | Zhi Ding
Treasurer | Fambirai Takawira
Parliamentarian | Roberto de Marca

Non-Voting Members (2018-2019)
Staff | Susan Brooks