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GLOBECOM/ICC Technical Content (GITC) Standing Committee

This Committee is responsible for providing strategic vision and management of the technical content of GLOBECOM and ICC to guarantee timeliness and the highest level of quality.

Voting Members

Matthew Valenti (GITC Chair 2018-2019)
Abbas Jamalipour (GITC Vice-Chair & MAL, 2018-19)
Koichi Asatani (GIMS Chair, 2018-2019)

Ali Ghrayeb (Member-at-Large, 2018-19)
Cheng Li (Member-at-Large, 2018)
Shiwen Mao ((Member-at-Large, 2018)

Linda Xie (Ex TP Chair, 2018-20)
Sonia Aissa (Ex TP Chair, 2017-19)
Zhensheng Zhang (Ex TP Chair, 2016-18)

Non-Voting Members
Stefano Bregni (VP Conferences, 2018-19)
Tarik Taleb (Director Technical Services, 2018-19)
Tom Hou (Past GITC Chair, 2018-19)
Abdelhamid Mellouk (Ex TP Chair, 2018-19)