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Networking Standards

Series Topic


Networking technologies are advancing faster than ever before.  Aspects driving this change in velocity is the need to support faster, more reliable, ubiquitous services with an ever-increasing scale over the communications infrastructure.  This is causing a shift from traditional standards development to a hybrid approach that includes open-source development techniques, tooling, and full lifecycle management.  Keeping pace with the changes to the standards ecosystem and evolution of the way networks are built and deployed is challenging.

Furthermore, networking standards have not been necessarily designed for usage according to the requirements of rapidly booming applications, e.g., like industrial network and automation applications. Novel use cases of established standards require continuous improvement of these standards and their develo­­­pment process to cover future requirements.

With this in mind the IEEE Communications Standards Magazine is seeking articles that introduce, examine, and critique the existing, new and emerging standards in the networking space. Particular areas of interest include:

  • Concepts and design tradeoffs in networking standards from the physical to the application layer
  • Trending standards for self-organizing, software-defined, social, ad hoc, media and Internet-of-things (IoT) networks
  • Standards development for network programming and networked applications
  • Security and privacy aspects in networking standards
  • Open source in networking standards
  • Early trials and gap analysis for new networking standards under development
  • Testing, verification, interoperability, and compliance for networking standards
  • Inter-SDO and cross-SDO convergence of networking standards, and its implications
  • Tutorials, explanations, and analysis of standards development processes
  • Manuscript Submission Due Date: Rolling Submission
  • Decision Notification: November 15, 2017 
  • Final Manuscript Due: December 15, 2017 
  • Feature Topic/Series Publication Dates: March 2018


All submissions will be peer-reviewed. However, to reduce the load for the reviewers as well as the notification time for the authors, the series editors may perform an initial review for each submission to determine whether it is within the scope of the series. The editors will reject submissions that are not fit for the series.


Ali C. Begen
Ozyegin University and Networked Media

Patrick-Benjamin Bök
Weidmüller Group

Panagiotis Saltsidis