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ComSoc Summarized Travel Guidelines


Travel Expense Form

Travel Expense Form Instructions

Transportation – Most economical airfare should be used. If travel is by other means (train, private car), reimbursement will be the actual cost, as long as it does not exceed what the most economical airfare would have been.Mileage will be reimbursed at the current approved rate by IEEE (44.5 cents/mile as of 1/1/06). Car rentals should only be used when economical public transportation is unavailable and impractical.

Lodging – Single room occupancy will be reimbursed.

Receipts – Original receipts must be submitted. However, where the expenses are being shared with another organization and IEEE is requested to reimburse only a portion of the expenses, legible photocopies are acceptable. Receipts for any single expenditure in excess of $25 must be provided. IEEE would prefer that receipts for smaller amounts be included.

International Travel – Payments (i.e., advances and reimbursements) will be made in the currency preferred by the individual. Each payment is handled on an individual basis as requests for reimbursement can vary from trip to trip and, therefore, are not determined by the country the individual resides in. Only one expense report is necessary for each trip and should be prepared in only one currency. Proof of expenses and exchange rates should be submitted. Cash items are calculated at the supplied exchange rate. If no rate is supplied, the current rate is used. Should a future credit card billing to an individual result in a loss to the individual based on the exchange rate determined by a credit card company, a request for additional reimbursement should be submitted, including a copy of the original reimbursement request and a copy of the credit card billing showing the actual billed amount.

Other – Itemized areas of the expense report form (taxi fares, meals, official guests’ meals, tips and purpose of trip) must be completed.

Approval and Where to Forward Expense Reports – Society Volunteers – Expense reports should be submitted to Bruce Worthman, IEEE Communications Society, 3 Park Avenue, 17 th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Please use the Excel version of the IEEE Expense Report. This automatically moves basic entries to where they are needed, and sums rows and columns. Completed forms should be printed, signed and sent with receipts by post.

Exceptions – Any exceptions to current IEEE policy could result in a delay in the processing of an expense reimbursement. Therefore, a written explanation of the circumstances for the exception to policy should be submitted along with the expense report, so that approval can be obtained from the appropriate person or their designee at that time. Any adjustments to an expense reimbursement will be noted on the reimbursement check stub.