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Industry & Standards Activities Council

This Council is responsible for the needs of the Society and Society members related to industry and standards. Additional (nonvoting) members of the Council include the Chairs of any Standards Committee reporting to the Standards Development Board.
Boards reporting to this Council.

Chair / Vice President | Stefano Galli

Voting Members (2018-2019)
Director - Standards Development | Tarek El-Bawab
Director - Standardization Programs Development | Nada Golmie
Director - Industry Outreach | Ashutosh Dutta
Director - Industry Communities | Ian Wong


Non-Voting Members (2018-2019)
Oliver Holland (MobiNet, DySPAN)
Jaafar Elmirghani (GeenICT)
Rob Fish (EdgeCloud)
Alex Gelman (AccessCore)
Mehmet Ulema (NetSoft)
Jean-Philippe Faure (PLC)


Staff - Susan Brooks | Adam Greenberg