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Member & Global Activities Council

This Council is responsible for all Society activities and programs related to members, chapters, membership development, sister and related societies, and Society regions. Related Board

Chair / Vice President | Stefano Bregni

Director - Member Services | Zhensheng Zhang
Director - Asia/Pacific Region | Takaya Yamazato
Director - Europe, Middle-East & Africa Region | Andrzej Jajszczyk
Director - Latin America Region | Carlos Andrés Lozano Garzón
Director - North America Region | T. Scott Atkinson
Director - Sister & Related Societies | Curtis Siller

Past Director - Koichi Asatani
IEEE Young Professionals Representative | Mario Milicevic
President | Harvey Freeman
Past President | Sergio Benedetto

New York Staff | Carol Cronin
Singapore Staff | Fanny Su | Ewell Tan