Network Neutrality: A Concept for Yesterday’s Internet

IEEE CTN Issue: January 2018

As an editor I am often (correctly) accused of over-hyping the CTN topics in the email introduction; sometimes even by the authors of the articles, to which my reply is usually, “hey, this is social media people! It's all about the hype!”. Well, I don’t need to do it this time because my work has already been done on Network Neutrality—a juicy intersection of politics and engineering that inflames passions in Washington and may make or break some companies that you might just well be working for. OK, I just hyped it again...

A View of the Way Forward in 5G from Academia

IEEE CTN Issue: December 2017

Happy Holidays from the CTN team! This month we have a view of the challenges of making an impact on 5G from an academic position, now that it is maturing into product. Emil Björnson from the University of Linköping shares his thoughts on this after attending the GLOBECOM conference and seeing how 5G was beginning to shape up. As always, your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

DSL, Still the Power Behind Last Mile Access

IEEE CTN Issue: November 2017

Tired of reading articles on 5G? Well to remedy this malaise, this month we called on some of the guys who were there at the start of Digital Subscriber Line technology back in the 90s, and who are still making it happen here in the 10s, to tell us what is the latest and greatest in DSL technology and how this old man of last mile delivery is still delivering increasing data rates to the home. Comments are, as always, most welcome.


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